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Welcome to Cross Country Elementary Middle School Back to School Night.

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1 Welcome to Cross Country Elementary Middle School Back to School Night

2 The mission of Cross Country Elementary/Middle School is to establish rigorous and engaging academic programs that prepare students for college, careers and beyond. Mission

3 At Cross Country, our vision is to provide a safe, supportive, and accepting school of high quality interactive learning in STEM and the humanities that inspires students to become active, engaged citizens who collaborate effectively with all stakeholders to improve our global society. Vision

4  Increase student achievement  Increase parent and community involvement and support  Maximize human resources and improve student achievement through teacher professional development training.  Create a safe, positive environment  Improve attendance Goals

5 School Demographics

6  Agile Minds  First in Math  Learning A-Z  Open Court  Fundations  Scholastic  Rev It Up  Literacy Design Collaborative  Novel Studies  Green Team Academic Programs Advanced Learning Programs  Project Lead the Way  Research Projects  HAS Algebra  Honors programs  National History Day

7  Robotics  National Academic league  Science Olympiad  Cheerleading  Basketball  Chess Extracurricular Activities NewFit Kids  Co-ed Flag Football  Co-ed Running club  Softball  Soccer  Golf

8 PBIS Cross Country Elementary Middle School

9 PBIS Core values Be Responsible Be Respectful Be safe

10  Each Stamp is worth 1 Eagle buck.  You are responsible for keeping track of your own eagle cards.  Lost eagle bucks will not be replaced. Eagle Bucks & Cards

11  PBIS Eagle Buck Store  Monthly events  Purple Friday  Other mini events Rewards


13  3 incidents will result in 1 detention.  Detention will be held every Tuesday and Thursday.  If students fail to report to detention they will receive another detention in addition to the original one.  Multiple minor infractions will result in a Major infraction. Minor Infractions

14  Major infractions such a fighting, possession of weapons or illegal substances etc. will skip past incident form and go straight to office referral.  Repercussions can be immediate detention, suspension, expulsion etc. Major Infractions


16 School Contact Information Principal  Curtis O. Durham  Assistant Principal  Susan Abdullah  Assistant Principal  Nikomar Mosley  Educational Associate  Linda Lasky  School Phone #:  410-396-0602/0603  Fax #: 410-318-8055 PTA President:  Yolanda Hobbs  Parents have the right to request and receive information about the qualifications of their children's teachers or any paraprofessionals who provide services to their children. Please see Mr. Durham, School Principal for the information..

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