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If not ……. then what? Alison Bennett/Paul Denton Parental Information evening 26 th February 2015 If not Uni…….. ….Then what? ‘Career paths, college, university.

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1 If not ……. then what? Alison Bennett/Paul Denton Parental Information evening 26 th February 2015 If not Uni…….. ….Then what? ‘Career paths, college, university a way through the maze’ Alison Benett Paul Denton 26 th February 2015

2 +Tonight's Ingredients 1.What options are open to you? 2. If you could do anything you wanted what would you like to do? 3. What would you like to find out tonight? 4. Pathway approaches - Expert opinions

3 Expert Views Tom Jackson – Business In Company Course- Nottingham Trent University Michael Tweed – Java Programmer Sky – Apprenticeship Kaviesh Vitharana – Accenture Business Analyst- Sponsored degree Giles Marshall – Director of sixth form SGS - UCAS

4 + The changing Jobs market

5 +Things are changing all the time  Huge growth in non UK university options, publicity about them and interest in them from students e.g.  School leaver programme- Individual companies can choose to recruit and train staff largely how they want  What’s true today may be different in 6 months time  There is no right or wrong way for many careers!  Prepare to be flexible and open minded about opportunities  RESEARCH! RESEARCH! RESEARCH!

6 + What will you be doing in the future??  Apprenticeship?  School leaver programme?  Sponsored degree?  Employment?  Self Employed?  Foundation Degree?  Another course? At Uni or at College?  Gap Year? ……..and do what?  Voluntary work? ……..and do what  Time out? ………and do what?

7 + Employment Options - Post A Level or Level 3 courses May be called………  School Leaver Programmes  Apprenticeships - Advanced or Higher  Sponsored Degrees  Foundation Degrees  Self Employment Terminology matters

8 + Advanced Apprenticeships  If you have achieved 5 good GCSES (grades A*-C) and/or good post 16 results - BTEC  It gives you the chance to build up practical work experience while progressing academically up to a higher education level, all whilst being paid a decent salary.higher education level  All Higher Apprenticeships offer existing apprentices, employees and school/college leavers a different route to traditional university study.  Last year, over 5,200 people were studying for a Higher Apprenticeship in one of 40+ subject areas.  Takes between 1 and 4 years depending upon level

9 + School Leaver Programmes  Company Led  Does not have to follow the ‘Apprenticeship Framework’  Company own training programme and may include links to specified university or college courses  Route to some professions e.g. Accountancy, Engineering  Tends to be the term used by financial companies and engineering companies

10 + Sponsored Degrees  In a Company linked to a specific university and degree Receive salary and on the job training Examples:  Airbus Industries Undergraduate Apprenticeship - 3 year programme with on the job training and B.Eng.  Barclays Bank Retail Development Programme – now called Barclays sponsored degree –Nottingham Trent £12,665 plus London weighting £3,550 = £16,215

11 + Financial Accountancy - offered by accountancy companies and ICAEW - 240 - 320 UCAS points. Companies include: Ernst & Young, KPMG, PWC, Grant Thornton, Deloitte etc Accountancy companies also offer tax and audit schemes Insurance - Aviva Actuarial Apprenticeship, AON (280 UCAS points) Retail Banking - Barclays Retail Development Programme, Santander Flying Start Programme ( 2 A Levels at C+) Investment Banking - Merill Lynch, JP Morgan Asset Management School Leaver Programme PWC Higher Apprenticeships in Assurance, Consulting and Tax Need: 240 - 280 UCAS points JP Morgan Apprenticeship in Providing Financial Services - Investment Operations Based in Bournemouth

12 Opportunities in Finance….. For up to date vacancies register at: Follow on

13 + Engineering Jaguar Landrover Higher Apprenticeship Energy - British Gas, National Grid, Need A’ levels in Maths and Science or BTEC Level 3 Engineering Pathways in Design, Finance, Engineering and Purchasing Opportunity to do B.Eng Applied Engineering @ Warwick EDF, N Power Transport - TFL, Cross Rail, Merchant Navy, Network Rail Civil - Bam Nuttall, Balfour Beatty, Laing O’Rourke, British Construction Youth Trust Car Mechanics - Jaguar, Remit Air Traffic Control Apprenticeship

14 + Law A changing profession ILEX and Legal Secretarial qualifications available for many years but an increasing number of paralegal roles are being developed Government have invested £1m to create 250 Higher Apprenticeships by 2015. BPP - an awarding body providing its own qualifications dedicated to business and the - list of apprenticeship vacancies Also Check CPS, Co-op and The London Apprenticeship Company

15 + I.T.  Cap Gemini - Higher Apprenticeship with BSc in Computing Practice and IT  IBM - Advanced Apprenticeship  CGI (formally Logica) - Degree in Business and I.T. from Reading  Microsoft  Pearsons - Publishing  Avivia IT Database apprenticeship  Q.A apprenticeships  Google

16 + Retail Management Training Schemes offered by M&S. Arcadia, Waitrose, Sainsbury, Tesco and John Lewis amongst others Advanced Apprenticeships with Boots Fashion Retail Academy Tesco Trainee Buyer and Merchandising programmes Co -op - retail but also legal. H.R and Motor THINK about how large these organisations are and the opportunities they offer in the UK and abroad

17 e.g. Sky Sports News Journalist Apprentice - 5 GCSEs and 2 A’Levels grades A* - C. Also offer apprenticeships in Creative and Digital Media, Business, Marketing, etc Placement Year - paid opportunity before going to university, and offer work experience Film Craft and Technical Placement Scheme and lists of other apprenticeships The Media ITV Apprenticeships in Creative & Digital Media and in Business & Admin advertise on the apprenticeship site and on Twitter - @ITVCareers Academy - Apprenticeships in Broadcast, Radio, Journalism and Production. Look for talent and often qualifications not specified. Production Talent Pool offers opportunities at entry level

18 ‘FE’ courses - Journalism, Level 4 & 5 - Business, Computing & IT, Mechanical Engineering, Games Development, Travel & Tourism Foundation degrees: - Police Studies Self Employment What else? Open University courses and degrees Part time university courses - Paramedic - Creative Industries Gap Year Opportunities and voluntary work

19 +Gap Year Remunerated employment: Au Pair in Rome, Hockey Coach in Durban, Sailing Instructor in Greece, Camp America, Waitress at Sydney Opera House (via BUNAC), Chalet Host in the French/Swiss Alps, Valida)on Host at Whistler Ski Resort in Canada (via BUNAC - met several Hollywood stars), Sandwich Hand in a bread rolls shop in Canberra, PR for a bungee rocket in Tenerife, Ski Instructor in New Zealand, Holiday Rep in France, Hair Salon Receptionist in Wellington NZ Volunteering & other random ac5vi5es : Turtle Conservation Volunteer in Nicaragua, Orphanage & Hospital Volunteer in Ghana, Conserva)on Volunteer in Ecuador, Teaching English in Thailand, Missionary work in Uganda, World Guiding Centre Volunteer in India, Wildlife Sanctuary Volunteer in Namibia, Trainee Expedition Leader in Bolivia, PADI Diving course on the Great Barrier Reef, Discipleship Training School in Italy, Medical Support Worker in Kenya, Studying Art History in Florence, Travelling around the world surfing with his dad!

20 + Self Employment and ‘Portfolio’ careers  Self employed or Freelance  Mixing and matching jobs  WKC and Amersham and Wycombe College - Peter Jones Enterprise Academy  Information from Shell Livewire, Princes Trust and the ‘Start-up’ Scheme

21 + Other occupations Health and Medical - Trainee Dental Nurse, Optical Apprenticeships, Pharmacy Technician and the apprenticeship site Hospitality and Catering - Whitbread, Compass, De Vere, Hospitality Industry Training Travel and Tourism - Travel Agency Training Programmes

22 + Reflection: 1. Think of at least 3 of these options that you may like to find out more about 2. Any questions?

23 + Careers Appointments Dilys Howlett In school on Wednesdays Arrange interviews via Form tutor or Mr Denton

24 +Future events  Life skills National careers week – 2 nd -6 th March 2015 Bank of America Merrill Lynch - Banking Uncovered A-level programme April 2015 Apply now

25 + Timetable Now and onwards:  Think and research. And then think and research again Use your action plan to work out your own schedule Summer Holidays:  Draft a C.V. and Covering Letter  Start checking company websites and register with job search sites  Search for work experience and taster events  Autumn Term, Spring Term and onwards:  Making applications  Interview skills  Careers interview?  Refining C.V.

26 + Finding Vacancies - also available as an app for Apple products & Google Play for android for financial careers - accountancy, business and law individual company websites Sign up for email alerts and / or follow sites or companies on Facebook and Twitter NB there will be cross over and you will see the same vacancies on different sites

27 + Finding Vacancies Most colleges also offer apprenticeships Other apprenticeship providers in the ‘Choices’ booklet General Job Search sites: All the apprenticeship and job search websites are listed in the green leaflet.

28 Gary Fidles - Director at Kielder Observatory. Honoury MSc in Astrophysics from Durham. Original career - building trade. Jess French - presenter CBBC Mini Beast Adventures. Zoology at UCL and now doing Vet Science at Nottingham Becki Enright aka Backpacker Becki English Degree at Leicester followed by a career in P.R. before travelling and blogging 1. Lots of things are possible 2. People change careers 3. People achieve their dreams But they do so by determination, planning and hard work! What’s your game plan? Student Examples

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