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Welcome CFIT to IBM Costa Rica ! CARL INGERSOLL Director & Delivery Center Leader March 2011.

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1 Welcome CFIT to IBM Costa Rica ! CARL INGERSOLL Director & Delivery Center Leader March 2011

2 2 © 2010 IBM Corporation 2

3 3 Meet IBM Global Process Services. We are next-generation BPO. © 2010 IBM Corporation 3  Innovating business processes to help differentiate a client’s enterprise.  Creating value that contributes to top-line growth and bottom-line savings.  Applying an end-to-end, analytics-driven methodology and toolset that allow us to commit contractually to measurable outcomes for our clients.  Defining what it means to be global, enabling clients to take advantage of the opportunities of a global economy.

4 © 2010 IBM Corporation 4 IBM Global Process Services helps your company achieve these imperatives. Our portfolio is structured to innovate the processes with which you manage the relationships in your ecosystem. In any organization Customer Relationship Management is about managing your company’s relationships with its customers. Human Resources is about managing your company’s relationships with its employees. Finance and Administration is about managing your company’s relationships with its B2B customers. Supply Chain Management is about managing your company’s relationships with its vendors. Across a range of industries ► Banking ► Consumer products ► Financial services ► Healthcare ► Insurance ► Life Sciences ► Media and entertainment ► Public sector ► Retail ► Telecommunications ► Transportation

5 © 2010 IBM Corporation 5 IBM Global Process Services takes a balanced-shore approach to outsourcing. Whether your ecosystem is global, regional or local, we align our process delivery to your unique needs while leveraging our global capability for innovation. F&A HR SCM CRM Industry-specific TORONTO TULSA DURHAM BEAVERTON BOULDER TUCSON SAN JOSE DALEVILLE GREENVILLE HORTOLANDIA BUENOS AIRES MONTEVIDEO GREENOCK TAUNTON ST. JOHN BRATISLAVA BRAGA DUBLIN CAIRO COVENTRY KRAKOW SWANSEA BUDAPEST BANGALORE MUMBAI SOFIA CHANDIGARH SHANGHAI DELHI PUNE KOLKATA VIZAG CHENNAI MANILA BRISBANE OKINAWA TOKYO SAPPORO JEONJU DALIAN BALLARAT

6 © 2010 IBM Corporation Our end-to-end, analytics-driven methodology provides continuous innovation and quality improvement in our clients’ business processes. EPIC Enterprise Process Innovation Continuum Assess process maturity with greater speed and increased accuracy. Dynamically manage and analyze performance in real time. Institute IBM’s proven best practice process models and benchmarks.

7 © 2010 IBM Corporation 7 WHY COSTA RICA?

8 © 2010 IBM Corporation 8 WHY COSTA RICA? Location is a platform to the world

9 © 2010 IBM Corporation 9 WHY COSTA RICA? Costa Rica is the safest country in Latin America Source CINDE

10 © 2010 IBM Corporation 10 Costa Rica has also experienced a consistent growth in its service exports WHY COSTA RICA? Source: CINDE based on data from BCCR and PROCOMER, 2011 e/: Estimate

11 © 2010 IBM Corporation 11 Costa Rica Business Controls Overview Business Controls  Employee training & coaching  Workplace & Data Security  Desktop Procedures and Record Management  Documents of Understanding  Separation of Duties  Testing  Management reporting

12 © 2010 IBM Corporation 12 A Continuous Improvement Framework Provides a Constant Focus on Achieving Smarter Delivery Focused on driving significant results in cost savings; and improved quality and service levels The Pillars of Continuous Improvement Reducing process input errors, reduction in cycle time and non-value added activities Automations Tools to facilitate productivity optimization and improved performance Monitoring Productivity Tools Action plans with innovative concepts and best practices that yield measurable and sustainable results Standard Best Practices Building error-free process that deliver flawless quality and Identifying and eliminating non- value added activities/waste by deploying 7 levers of Lean Six Lean Cost and Volume analysis against internal and external standards to drive lowest cost attainment with consistent reporting for Solution and Delivery processes Quality Assurance of incoming, in-process and outgoing transactions /tasks - employing QA methodologies and statistical analysis Quality Assurance Q Cost & Operational Analytics

13 © 2010 IBM Corporation 13 Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning IT Recovery  Procedures to recover the IT infrastructure (i.e. network connections, telephony, etc) in case of a disruption. Workplace Recovery  Procedures and infrastructure to enable employees to resume business processing if all or part of the Delivery Center is unavailable. May include working at an alternate site. Personnel Recovery  Processes and procedures to be used if personnel needed to perform services are partially or completely unavailable. Business processes will be prioritized and processing will continue on a reduced resources basis. Loss of IT BCP Loss of Site Loss of People

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