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Welfare To Work Beyond 2000: Building The Future By: Erroll Reese EWI Research Triangle Park, NC 919-484-7768 1-888-203-9752.

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1 Welfare To Work Beyond 2000: Building The Future By: Erroll Reese EWI Research Triangle Park, NC 919-484-7768 1-888-203-9752

2 Topics Of Discussion Research Triangle Park, North Carolina EasyWeb Inc Approaching Public/Private Funding Partners Pre-employment Strategy Tailored Training Programs Process Flow Example EasyWeb Partners

3 Research Triangle Park, NC Less than 1% unemployment Traditional Labor Pool Shortage* High Tech related Companies Cisco, IBM, Nortel Networks, Verizon, Ericsson, Various Call Centers Healthcare/Pharmaceutical Industry Glaxo Welcome, Bayer, Duke University Medical Center, Blue Cross Blue Shield

4 EWI WtW Opportunity 1. Non Traditional workforce availability 2. Availability of computer/high-tech jobs (86% of jobs in RTP,NC require some level of computer skills 3. Emphasis on reducing the Welfare rolls and creating career building opportunities for the Agencies This was the perfect opportunity to bring areas 1,2,3 to create a win-win scenario

5 Identifying Potential Funding Sources Local Human and Social Services. Welfare to Work, Work First, Fatherhood etc.. Recipients of Grants earmarked for welfare to work training (DOL). Developing relations with social conscious organizations.

6 Marketing Strategy Establish relationships with area companies Chamber of Commerce, Professional Business Chain, Current or Previous Business Relationships Identify high demand entry level opportunities Gather entry level hiring requirements

7 Identify employer current training process Solicit to bring training program and resources (software, processes) in- house If we train them your way, will you hire them? Marketing Strategy (Cont)

8 Existing programs require a 1-2 year commitment of students and financial resources We develop a innovative abbreviated training environment Several existing programs do not require We guarantee placement based on program completions

9 Process Flow Example

10 Process Flow UDI/CDC - Durham Social Services Durham County Literacy Council EasyWeb Inc. Student

11 Responsibility of UDI/DSS Service needs identified Job related behavior 1 week assessment responsibility of DCLC Vocational Aptitude Computer Skills Relevant Personality Factors Myers Briggs Goal Settings 1 year Job Plan Pre-Employment Services Identify Partners Gather Requirements Match Skills Recruitment Eligibility Assessment

12 3 week customized computer training Job Readiness Pre Employment Functional Literacy Focus on Customer Service related skills Focus on Web Base Skills Focus on Computer Instruction Ongoing Employment Services Employer interface Secure Placement Commitments Established Contracts with Employers Job Fair/Interviews Guest Speaker from future Employer Computer Training Student Recommendation

13 Student Recommendation Base on a collection of various assessments and recommendations, the Student will fall into a Tier 1 or Tier 2 level Tier 1 Student High School Diploma GED Some Work Experience Salary $10.00 + Target Employers (Tier 1) Verizon EDS Blue Cross IBM Area Small Businesses Tier 2 Student Lacks HS Diploma No work experience Workplace Challenges Salary $7.00 + Target Employers (Tier 2) Sears Furniture Outlet Warehouse EDS Area Small Businesses Job Retention Services OTJ skills enhancement or Re-training as requested by the employer Job Placement GED service provided DCLC either on or off site Job Placement

14 EasyWeb Inc Information Technology Company Application Service Provider Web Design System Integrator IT Placement Technical Training Strong Community Focus on bringing technology to the “have nots”/disenfranchise

15 EasyWeb Inc (cont) EasyWeb has hired former WtW recipients EasyWeb has placed over 157 former WtW recipients in high the jobs over the last 2.5 years in the Raleigh/Durham area. Area Call Centers represents about 75% of the placements

16 Partners Durham Social Services UDI DCLC CET Durham Housing Authority Verizon EDS IBM AT&T Blue Cross City of Durham Red Hat Compaq

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