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The life saving Cord Blood Banking Preserve your love.

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1 The life saving Cord Blood Banking Preserve your love

2 Welcome to The most beautiful phase of life! Motherhood!

3 Your baby brings with it abundant Dreams, Hopes, Happiness and Love to your life, even before its born!

4 Those little dreams that you nurture in your heart as you envision your baby’s future.. The first smile… The first steps… The first words your baby will say… There is so much to look forward to as a parent!

5 And the last thing on your mind would be your little one ever becoming ill…

6 ..though that is a possibility you can not ignore.

7 The first step to parenthood begins with Your responsibility to ensure your child’s future health.

8 After all, you nurture your baby for 9 months with the best care. So why not ensure your baby’s good health lasts for a lifetime?!

9 Here’s your chance to gift your baby good health for a lifetime!

10 Ever thought of providing your child Bio Insurance?...

11 Why invest in your child’s future health?... Because a simple choice on the day your baby is born can impact the future of your baby…

12 What is an Umbilical cord ? Umbilical cord Blood passes nutrients, oxygen and immunity to your child. It acts as his lifeline, protecting and helping him to grow in side the womb.

13 You can extend this lifeline by preserving the Umbilical Cord blood with

14 They pave a way for the most advanced scientific therapy known as the – “Regenerative Therapy” Stem cells extracted from umbilical cord blood can help to cure many dreaded diseases like leukemia, lymphoma, anemia, thalassemia, metabolic disorders and around 75 such diseases Future use of stem cells include treatment for heart attack, diabetes, spinal cord injury, Parkinson's disease, muscular dystrophy, multiple sclerosis and many more …. Why is umbilical cord blood so important ? Stem cells are analogous to a seed which when sowed in the ground and watered properly gives rise to roots, stem, branches, leaves, flowers and fruits

15 Is the umbilical cord blood collection a painful procedure?

16 Is there any risk to me or to my baby ?

17 How do you store the cord blood?

18 Collection And Storage Steps For Umbilical Cord Blood Baby in mom’s bellyAfter the delivery Collection of Cord BloodBlood collected in bag containing CPD (anticoagulant)Babycell logistic teamLaboratory

19 In Our Laboratory Stem cells are separated from the blood and put into a special storage bag The bag then goes into a metal case that protects it The case is cryopreserved in tanks of liquid nitrogen at the temperature of-196 c 0

20 In Our Laboratory Maternal Blood is tested for various diseases HIV HBV HCV CMV Syphilis HTLV Malaria Leptospirosis Umbilical Cord Blood is tested for various diseases Sterility test Cell viability CD34count Cell count Colony forming units (CFU)

21 How long can we store it ?

22 Can we do it later once my child has grown up ?

23 But….my elder one’s cord blood is not stored !

24 Why you should choose

25 is Special Because Babycell is a part of Regenerative Medical services or Regrow, a company dealing in regenerative therapy and cell lines Our technical partners are Sewon Cellontech, a leading company in Korea providing regenerative medical solutions FDA approved state-of-art GMP-grade cell processing facility, located near Lonawala, Pune

26 5C Program The essential component of cord blood bank is “the preservation technology and its system”

27 1C Complete SOP 2C Closed process 3C Clean facility (GLP) 4C Computrized control storage 5C Cryopreservation bioscience

28 Special Services Free pre-natal health and nutrition guidance workshop from Babycell Cell bank tour To RMS laboratory in LONAWALA (Maharashtra)

29 Remember, this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for your baby!!

30 Preserve your love today with And promise your baby a lifetime of good health!

31 Contact Us REGENERATIVE MEDICAL SERVICES PVT.LTD Head Office 2-ABC, Acme Plaza, Andheri (E), MUMBAI-400 059, INDIA. Tel : +91-22-6733 0300 -30 Fax : 91-22-28390556 Toll Free: 1800- 209-0309 Email :

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