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Iron Deficiency in Sri Lanka

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1 Iron Deficiency in Sri Lanka
Dr. Renuka Jayatissa (M.B.B.S., M.Sc, M.D.) Nutrition Specialist, UNICEF

2 Major micronutrient deficiencies in Sri Lanka
Vitamin A Iodine Iron

3 Vitamin A Deficiency Bitot’s spot Blindness
Supplementation with vitamin A capsules since year 2000

4 Goitre Iodine Deficiency Fortification of salt with
Iodine since 1995 and elimination of IDD Successful programme of public and private partnership Renuka/SL/2014

5 Anaemia and Iron deficiency

6 Not much improvement since 2001. Only 0.6% reduction per year.
Trends in the prevalence of anaemia among under five children (Source: MRI 1973, 1996, 2001, DHS 2006 & MRI 2009, 2012) Renuka/SL/2014 Not much improvement since Only 0.6% reduction per year.

7 Trends in the prevalence of Anaemia in Sri Lanka
(Source: Mudalige and Nestel, 1996, MRI-1970, 1989, 1998, 2001, 2009, 2012 & DHS 2006 Reduction of anaemia in all age groups over 39 years. Still around 20% of the population has anaemia. When the prevalence of anaemia is >5% it will be considered as a public health problem by WHO. Renuka/SL/2014

8 Millions of anaemic children, adolescent girls and women in Sri Lanka
Iron is critical for the early development of a child because it improves learning ability, physical coordination, and emotional development. Irreversible damages. Renuka/SL/2014

9 Prevalence of Anaemia in different sectors and age groups in Sri Lanka
(Source: Medical Research Institute 1996, 2001, 2009) High in urban sector among children and high in plantation sector among adult female Renuka/SL/2014

10 Prevalence of anaemia in children aged 6-59 months of age by District IN 2012

11 Anaemia in Women 15-49 years of age by Districts in 2009
Source- MRI 2009 Percentage Renuka/SL/2014

12 Causes of anaemia – 6-59 months children in 2012

13 Prevalence of Iron deficiency (serum ferritin <12µg) in children aged 6-59 months by District (n=5741) Renuka/SL/2014

14 Causes of Anaemia in adults
Population group No Anaemia ID Free trade zone female garment workers in 2004 652 44.7% 66.6% Adult female (20-39 years) in central province in 2005 863 27.7% 41.4% Source: MRI 2004, 2005 It estimates that major cause of anaemia is iron deficiency Renuka/SL/2014

15 Iron deficiency (serum ferritin <12µg) among children age 6-59 months, by wealth quintile (MRI 2012) Not much variation between wealth quintiles . Renuka/SL/2014

16 Why Should Fighting Iron Deficiency Anemia be a National Priority?
For each US $1 spent on an iron supplementation program for pregnant women, there is a US $24 return in increased lifelong wages and decreased disability, For each US $1 spent on iron fortification of food there is a US $84 return in increased productivity and decreased disability of the consumer, Work output in many occupations can increase 10 to 30% when workers are given iron supplementation, Prevention and treatment of iron deficiency and anemia can raise national productivity by 20%.

17 Thank you

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