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A brief overview of Virginia Cooperative Extension (VCE) and how BSE fits into VCE Brian Benham BSE Extension Project Leader 1.

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1 A brief overview of Virginia Cooperative Extension (VCE) and how BSE fits into VCE Brian Benham BSE Extension Project Leader 1

2 Exposure to Extension…  If you’re of a certain age, perhaps your first exposure to Extension was thru the character Hank Kimball on Green Acres (1965 – 1971).  Kimball, played by Alvy Moore (1921-1997), was the well-meaning and friendly, but scatterbrained “County Agent,” apparently educated past his intelligence. Although supposedly a farming expert, his advice was usually worthless.  Although Cooperative Extension is often associated only with agriculture, and at times in not a very flattering way, extension has a long and distinguished history of improving the lives of Americans in a variety of ways. 2 Hank Kimball, County Agent

3 Brief History  Morrill Acts (1862 and 1890) Established land-grant system. Original mission to teach agriculture, military tactics, and the mechanical arts as well as classical studies so that members of the working classes could obtain a liberal, practical education.  Hatch Act (1887) Created the Agricultural Experiment Station at state’s land-grant institution. Each state must match a major portion of federal funds.  First “Extension Agent” (1903) Seaman A. Knapp, a special agent in the USDA, was invited to Texas to discuss the serious spread of the cotton boll weevil. In 1904, Dr. Knapp reported on the Porter demonstration: "The object of all such demonstrations is to test or prove some important fact bearing upon agricultural conditions. If these demonstrations are conducted in such a way that few persons see the result, little is accomplished.“ 3 Dr. S.A. Knapp

4 Brief History cont…  Extension in Virginia (1906) Dr. J. D. Eggleston, then Superintendent of Public Instruction in Virginia, invited Dr. Knapp to Virginia. Dr. Knapp recruited T. O. Sandy of Burkeville, Virginia, to be a demonstrator. In 1907 Dr. Knapp made Mr. Sandy state agent and gave him authority hire additional agents.  Smith-Lever Act (1914) Established Cooperative Extension system. Broadened land-grant mission, and marked the beginning of a partnership among federal, state, local governments and higher education working cooperatively towards the solution of social and economic problems.  Today Virginia Cooperative Extension focused in 4 areas  Agriculture and Natural Resources  4-H Youth Development 4  Family and Consumer Sciences  Community Viability

5 Virginia Cooperative Extension System  Joint program of:  U.S. Department of Agriculture  Virginia Tech (1862)  College of Agriculture and Life Sciences  College of Natural Resources  College of Veterinary Medicine  Virginia State University (1890)  Virginia county and city governments  Force-multiplier model  Specialists educate agents – agents (generalists) serve local clientele  Needs-driven programming  Agents solicit county-based Extension Leadership Councils for input about local programming needs. Specialists seek input from agents and develop programming to address issues on the horizon. 5

6 State-wide Network 6  107 unit offices organized in four districts  13 Agricultural Research and Extension Centers (ARECs)  Six 4-H centers  213 Agents  CALS faculty 44 on-campus and 33 AREC  10 CNRE faculty  1 Vet-Med faculty

7 How does BSE fit into VCE?  Personnel Resources  4 tenure track Specialists (2 on-campus, 2 out-state)  2 non-tenure track specialists (both out-state)  1 Extension Associate (on campus)  BSE develops and delivers programming in 3 of the 4 VCE program areas. By far, the majority of BSE programming is in Ag and Natural Resources (ANR).  BSE programs go beyond the traditional specialist/agent force-multiplier model. We reach a diverse clientele that includes, federal and state agency staff, local public officials, practicing engineers, ag producers, and more.  Several BSE extension faculty provide additional service to the Commonwealth by serving on various commissions and advisory boards. 7 VCE Agents at household water quality in-service training Multi-day water quality modeling course for VA state agency staff

8 Performance Expectations for Tenure Track Specialists  Joint extension/outreach and research appointments  Programming developed by Specialists undergo peer/clientele review  A program is a coordinated set of learning experiences focused on a problem and aimed at achieving predetermined expectations or objectives. A program should be based on issues, needs, and/or assets documented through a situation analysis.  Evaluation based on both quality and quantity of inputs, outputs and outcomes  Inputs are program investments: needs assessments, educational resources, grants  Outputs are activities, services, events and products that reach the target audience: VCE peer-reviewed publications, curriculum-based trainings, journal articles  Outcomes are documentable changes attributable to extension programming: Learning – increased awareness, knowledge gains, changed attitudes, skills acquired (short-term) Implementation – behavior change, practice adoption, (medium term) Societal - social, economic, environmental changes (long term) 8

9 On campus, Tenure track faculty 9 Brian Benham (Extension Project Leader) Watershed management, nonpoint source pollution assessment and control, household drinking water quality 540.231.5705 Bobby Grisso Biomass logistics, machinery systems, machinery management, precision farming, and farm safety 540.231.6538 Dr. Grisso was recently named Assoc. Director for ANR Jactone Arogo Ogejo Management and use of animal manure and other organic bioresidues; characterization and mitigation of aerial pollutants from animal feeding operations 540.231.6814

10 Off-campus (AREC), Tenure track 10 David Sample Urban stormwater management, watershed modeling, and design of best management practices. Hampton Roads AREC, Virginia Beach, VA 571.229.0755 Zach Easton Hydrology and water quality, alternative best management practice design and assessment, watershed and water quality modeling Eastern Shore AREC, Painter, VA 757.414.0724

11 Non-tenure track faculty 11 Robert Lane Thermal and vision food processing, sustainable energy, water, resource and waste management. Virginia Seafood AREC, Hampton, VA 757.727.4861 John Ignosh Agricultural byproduct utilization, renewable energy, nutrient management, and international development. Northern District Office, Harrisonburg, VA 540.432.6029 Erin Ling Private water supply testing and outreach, development of water quality education and outreach materials, social marketing and behavior change assessment 540.231.9058

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