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COMPETENCY MAPPING Jagdeep Kaur ( Vice President) HR Globe Consulting

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1 COMPETENCY MAPPING Jagdeep Kaur ( Vice President) HR Globe Consulting

2 CONCEPT OF COMPETENCY MAPPING Personal Characteristics Behavior Job Performance Motive, Trait, Self- Concept & Knowledge

3 CRITERIA TO MEASURE COMPETENCY & PERFORMANCE Competency Effective Performance Superior Performance Performance Threshold Competencies Differentiating Competencies

4 THRESHOLD V/S DIFFERENTIATING COMPETENCIES Must have in the job Distinguishes superior from average performer

5 NEED FOR COMPETENCY MAPPING Long learning curves & Lack of succession planning High Turnover & Low retention Poor Performance Unrecognized training needs Want for Organizational change

6 STEPS IN DEVELOPING A COMPETENCY BASED SELECTION SYSTEM Develop Competency Model(s) for Target job(s)Select / Develop Assessment MethodsTrain Assessors in the Assessment MethodAssess competencies of candidates for jobs Make job-person match decisions for selection, placement and promotion Validate Selection System Develop a Competency based job and person database and Matching System

7 PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (PMS) Pre-requisite steps Organization Strategy Organization Objectives Manager/Work Unit Objective Performance Planning Performance Management Start of Period During the Period End of Period  Definition of Job Responsibilities  Goal Setting Performance Appraisal



10 Need for Competency based PMS Unfair Appraisal System Non-serious Performance Appraisal Employees rated PMS worthless Low impact of PMS on Actual Management Inflated Performance Ratings

11 APT Situations for“MIXED MODEL” Performance + Competency PMS Uncertain Environments Self Managing Teams Qualitative/Process Service Jobs Changing Organizational Strategy or Markets

12 TOOLS FOR COMPETENCY MAPPING 360 degree feedback Assessment Centres


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