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“Migration & Community Building”

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1 “Migration & Community Building”

2 Migration Migration is people moving from one place to another. How many of you have moved before? –It may have been house to house, one town to another or maybe a new state.

3 Push-Pull & Counter-stream What may have “pushed” people (including yourselves) to move from one place to another? Often people migrate (move) because some difficulties “push” them to leave. At the same time the hope for a better life “pulls” people to a new country or region. Has anyone ever moved back to a place you once left?

4 That's Counter-stream Counter-stream is when people leave a country or a region and then come back. What are some instances that you can think of where people left an area only to return? Discuss these ideas of push, pull and counter- stream with a partner. Then read together pages 67-71 on “Migration.”

5 Assignment Each of you will need to have completed an “entrance ticket” to get into class tomorrow describing what push, pull and counter- stream mean to you.

6 Ethnic Groups What are ethnic groups? What ethnic groups make up the residents of Black River Falls? How did these groups get here? Do you know your ethnicity?

7 Reasons Ethnic Groups Came Obviously our community has a rich history of the Ho-Chunk nation living here. Ethnic Europeans came to this region early on for the fur-trade. In the 19 th century people came for what the land offered them.........farming and lumbering.

8 Wisconsin’s Past and Present: A Historical Atlas by the Wisconsin Cartographers’ Guild (1998)‏ Wisconsin ethnic groups What does this map show of ethnic patterns in our county? What is it not showing?

9 The Cut-over Cut-over? What is that? Northern Wisconsin land that was cleared by loggers. Farming was then tried on “worthless” stump filled land. What takes place in this region now? Image ID: 10565 Collection Name: Hand-Book for the Homeseeker Website: Image ID: 3724 Collection Name: Website: Record.asp?id=3724&qstring


11 Farming built Community Jackson County, as well as much of Wisconsin, was a farming community. With the technologies of the 1800s, for all the work to get done on all the farms, people came together to help one another out. Husking and threshing in particular were events where people worked together. Coming together to help.... build community! What is the common feature of the following pictures?

12 Husking in 1903 Threshing in Black River Falls, 1897 Image ID: 28955 Collection Name: Charles Van Schaick: Photographs and Negatives, ca. 1880-ca. 1940 Website: Image ID: 1896 Collection Name: Krueger Collection Website: p?id=1896

13 House and Barn Raisings “The gathering took on the ‘character of a festival, for during the work stories had been told, adventures related, and everybody served with food and refreshments, which, in all, makes a house raising an “institution” among pioneers in America, much heralded, cheerfully attended, and long remembered by the participants’.” quote from “Social Life in Wisconsin” by Lillian Krueger Image ID: 32219 Collection Name: Place File Website: ecord.asp?id=32219&qstring

14 Husking and Shredding, 1919 Threshing in Cassville, 1905 Image ID: 31816 Collection Name: Frank W. Feiker Photographs: 1910-1950 Website: 816&qstring Image ID: 23682 Collection Name: McCormick-International Harvester Website: d.asp?id=23682&qstring

15 The common thread between them all? People working together. Coming together = Community What happens as time moves on?

16 Threshing in Wisconsin - 1928 Image ID: 9247 Collection Name: McCormick-International Harvester Website:

17 Threshing in Dane, 1950 Harvesting and Threshing in 1954 Image ID: 8472 Collection Name: John Newhouse Photographs: 1945-1974 Website: p?id=8472&qstring Image ID: 24611 Collection Name: McCormick-International Harvester Website:

18 Image ID: 4330 Collection Name: McCormick- International Harvester Website: /whi/fullRecord.asp?id=4330&qs tring Image ID: 12436 Collection Name: McCormick-International Harvester Website: asp?id=12436&qstring

19 Isolating the Farmer Gathering to harvest no longer needed Farm machinery isolates the farmer Rituals are lost Sense of community diminishes

20 How do we get back community?

21 Independence Day Celebrations Through Festivals! Festivals begin to become the way to keep community alive. Image ID: Collection Name: Website:

22 La Crosse Winter Festival (1922) ‏ Image from William J. Fitzpatrick’s book Official Souvenir View Book Out-Door Winter Carnival, Lacrosse, Wisconsin, January 25-28, 1922 Website: rnival/00090008.htm

23 The Winter Festival becomes Oktoberfest in the 1960s /





28 Celebrating the End of World War I in West Salem 1923 Dairy Parade in West Salem From Leonard’s Dream by Errol Kindschy (1981) ‏

29 Centennial Celebrations From Leonard’s Dream by Errol Kindschy (1981) ‏

30 Birth of Community Festivals TownFestivalInaugural Event La Crescent, MNApplefest1949 La CrosseOktoberfest1961 WestbySyttende Mai1969 WarrensCranfest1972 West SalemJune Dairy Days1974 SpartaButterfest1984

31 Festivals from around our area. The festivals around our area are our way of bringing back community and preserving our history. The two forms of history they preserve are....  1. Ethnic preservation  2. Agricultural preservation Enjoy the pictures of some of these celebrations and determine if they are ethnic or agricultural in nature

32 Postmodern Community: “Festivals in Rural Towns” Heritage is still emphasized in many large and small communities.

33 More festivals and other ways to keep community alive Involvement by groups such as the Lions Club, 4-H, Ladies Aide, Scouts, etc. help to keep the sense of community alive. Website: RS/images/Whitehall%20.1.JPG

34 Syttende Mai in Westby

35 CranFest in Warrens Sparta Butter Fest

36 Memorial Day Pow Wow in Black River Falls

37 Arcadia Broiler Days Eleva Broiler Days arcadia_broiler_dairy_days.htm va_broiler_days.htm

38 Hillsboro “Cesky Den Festival” Czech Heritage Festival

39 Viroqua Wild West Days

40 Tomah Super National Truck and Tractor Pull

41 117 th La Crosse Inter-State Fair

42 Alma– Music & Arts Festival Independence– Independence Days Whitehall– Beef & Dairy Days Blair– Cheese Fest Bangor– Fun Days West Salem– Garland Days La Crosse– Deke Slayton AirFest, RiverFest, Winter Rec Fest Onalaska– Sunfish Days Holmen– Corn Fest Cashton– July 4 th Leon– Gator Days Ettrick– Fun Days Galesville– Apple Affair Pigeon Falls– Memorial Celebration Trempealeau– Catfish Days

43 Celebrations still continue to unite community members. Norske Nook Restaurant in Osseo. Whether Norwegian, Polish, Native American, Old Stock American… the importance of community is still alive in the large and small communities of Western Wisconsin.


45 Show what you know! Project Choices 1. Show a festival. Explain the festival’s origin. Does it show a community’s ethnicity, its agricultural history, or is it an economically motivated festival? Explain how it builds community. a. This project will be presented in a minimum 5 slide PowerPoint.

46 Show what you know! Project Choices 2. Bring in an artifact that shows your own ethnicity. a. Write a one page description of its personal meaning to you and your family. Also, show how it is used to show your ethnicity. b. You will give a two minute presentation of your artifact. Note: You will NOT read your description during presentation. It can be used as a guide.

47 Show what you know! Project Choices 3. Develop a poster showing a minimum of 3 aspects of your ethnicity. This poster must be visual...NOT A REPORT! It must be no smaller than a sheet of large construction paper. a. You may draw the pictures, cut out pictures from a magazine, download pictures, (Check w/ Ms. Sankey before printing any pictures.) b. It may be a collage. c. Check w/ me if ?'s on what you can do.

48 Show what you know! Project Choices 4. Develop a poster showing how you or how your community of BRF builds community. a. Once again, same requirements as the other poster choice. b. Minimum of 3 aspects of how community is built.

49 Show what you know! Project Choices 5. Research the area known as the cut-over. Describe its history; show its present. a. This project must be approved by me before beginning. b. We will discuss the format in which you will present your work. GOOD LUCK AND GET TO WORK!

50 PowerPoint Lesson Prepared by: Mr. Dutton 7 th Grade Social Studies Black River Falls Middle School

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