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CeLSIUS and the ONS-LS Oliver Duke-Williams (UCL).

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1 CeLSIUS and the ONS-LS Oliver Duke-Williams (UCL)

2 ESRC and the Census Prior to 2012 Over-arching ESRC Census Programme Separate units for data sources, inc LSes Since 2012 Single UKDS Census Service LSes as separate support units CALLS Hub

3  CeLSIUS provides a user interface to the LS CeLSIUS and the team Director Co-investigators Admin officer Oliver Duke-Williams Emily Grundy Adam Dennet Jo Tomlinson Christopher Marshall Rachel Stuchbury Wei Xun Nicola Shelton User support officers

4 1. Core user support Advising on design and feasibility of projects Guiding researchers through the application process and submitting applications to the Longitudinal Study Research Board Creating data extracts Remote analyses and some statistical guidance Disclosure control compliance checks of outputs Advice and on-site support

5 Service flow - 1 Enquiry Apply for project, data release and researcher status approval User VML training CeLSIUS /USOs Reply Check forms and provide feedback MAUS /ONS Refer enquiries LSRB approval Setting up user accounts in VML Organise Training Authorise microdata release UK public sector Accessing data and perform analyses Monitor progress Build dataset Prepare for analyses On-site/remote support CRF, ARF & DAA Data dictionary Cont… Skip if remote working

6 Service flow - 2 Intermediate clearance Accessing data and perform analyses  results Check if required Monitor progress Apply for final clearance On-site/remote support Discussion (AR only) checks for disclosure risk for general release of data Performs clearance Publish results Log outputs User CeLSIUS /USOs MAUS /ONS UK public sector

7 2. Additional Roles Promoting use of the data and providing training resources via the web site, workshops, etc. Working with ONS on data enhancement, research management and governance, and dissemination. Working with ONS on the future expansion of the LS and integration of the SLS and NILS Contributing to discussions about future Census outputs and the future of the Census.

8 Impact from the ONS LS Data from the ONS LS has a long history of use in Gov reviews and enquiries: Dilnot Commission (2011) Marmot Review (2010) Turner Commission (2005) Acheson Report (1998) Whitehead Report (1987) Black Report (1980)

9 Impact from the ONS LS DH and DWP: LS-based statistics key to their work on pension projections 2011 Census quality assurance: ONS LS used in calibration and adjustment work and beta-testing

10 LS Publications 1987-2012 …Not including ONS reports (n=177) N.B. No citations could be collected for those non-indexed publications

11 Publication themes Mortality Geography/area profiles Time trends Religion Increasing popularity Topic popularity

12 Citations of LS Publications 1987-2012

13 High impact Publications No. Citations 639 239 222 207 Does Britain have ghettos? Peach, C 1996 Volume: 21 Issue: 1 Page: 216 -235 187

14 Cross UK Census collaboration All three user support units and statistical offices are working together with ESRC to make UK research possible Some examples of this Calls-Hub – one stop shop for an introduction to the three LSs Edata shield -a technical resource for modelling with comparable data from all three LSs – SYLLS - synthetic longitudinal data akin to real data preserving the relationships between variables and transitions of individuals over time – planned OGL release contact SYNTHPOP R tool for generating synthetic versions of sensitive microdata for statistical disclosure control

15 References Dilnot Commission (2011) Marmot Review (2010) Turner Commission (2005) report.pdf Acheson Report (1998) Whitehead Report (1987) Whitehead M.. The health divide. London: Health Education Council, 1987. Harmondsworth: Penguin, 1988 Black Report (1980)

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