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Baptists in the South BAPTIST HISTORY LESSON 21.

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1 Baptists in the South BAPTIST HISTORY LESSON 21


3 Reasons for Philadelphia Association: 1)Promote fellowship 2)Maintain uniformity in faith and practice 3)Give counsel and assistance to churches 4)Provide an organizational structure through which churches could cooperate in their broader ministries

4 William Screven (1629-1713) 1668 immigrates to Boston 1656 signs Somerset Confession Kittery, Maine July 1681 returns to Boston "We whose names are here underwritten do solemnly and on good consideration God assisting us by his grace give up ourselves to the Lord and to one another in solemn covenant, wherein we do Covenant and promise to walk with God and one with another in a due and faithful observance of all his most holy and blessed commandments, ordinances and institutions or appointments revealed to us in his sacred word of the Old and New Testament and according to the grace of God and light at present through his grace given us or hereafter he shall please to discover and make known to us by his Holy Spirit according to the same blessed word all the, days of our lives; and this will we do if the Lord graciously please to assist us by his grace and Spirit and to give us divine wisdom, strength, knowledge and understanding from above to perform the same without which we can do nothing. John 15:4. 2 Corinthians 3:5. Jan 11, 1682 licensed, ordained and commissioned

5 Why the need to leave? 1. Continued harassment from the authorities 2. Indian uprising Why Charleston area? 1. Baptists in area 2. Great opportunity for ship building By 1696 almost all the church was relocated Somerton 1699/1700 permanent meeting house 1726 Edisto Island/Euhaw 1736 Ashley River 1735/36 Stono 1738 Welsh Neck

6 VIRGINIA 1. Isle of Wight ca. 1700 Robert Norden, 1714 2. Surry County 3. Prince George County

7 NORTH CAROLINA Three sources of Baptist Life I. General Baptist in the ‘low country’ 1727 Chowan County Paul Palmer Joseph Parker 1729 Shiloh in Camden County II. William Sojourner and Kehukee Church, 1742 III. Separate Baptists from New England

8 Issac Backus (1724-1806) 1741 Conversion 1746 began to preach 1751 submitted to baptism by immersion 1754 A discourse on the Internal Call to Preach the Gospel 1756 Baptist Church in Middleborough, MA Why was Backus important? 1. Incessant activity in Baptist life 2. Conservator of Baptist Theology 3. Vigorous adherence to religious liberty 4. First Baptist Historian

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