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Jennifer Ramos May 17th, th period Ms. Denmon Carra

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1 Jennifer Ramos May 17th, 2012 10th period Ms. Denmon Carra
Karate Kid Jennifer Ramos May 17th, th period Ms. Denmon Carra

2 Supporting characters: Meiying, Dre’s mom
Hero: Dre Parker Ally: Mr. Han Opponent: Cheng Supporting characters: Meiying, Dre’s mom

3 Characters Continued Dre parker: Round Character
Mr. Han: Round character Cheng: stock Meiying: static Dre’s mom: static Dre and Cheng: Foils

4 Setting Time: Around July 2009 and ended on October 16, 2009
Place: Beijing, China

5 Introduction In the exposition of the movie the Hero Dre Parker travels from Detroit along with his mother to china. At china he meets his ally being Mr. Han his kung fu trainer. Dre’s character flaw being over resistant to learning new things and Mr. Hans being feels obligated to teach Dre new things. Here is where his life changing event also took place and now his life would never be the same. There will be different events waiting to happen and to be discovered by little Dre.

6 Rising Action The ally being Mr. Han had to help Dre throughout the whole way. Enabling circumstances in the movie that the hero had to move to china and has to fight Cheng in a tournament. A life changing event for the hero was that he had to move to china and not be used to the type of living there was there. Now he will have to get used to his new life and have new experiences. He will learn how to lose his flaws.

7 Climax The opponent in the movie was Cheng. Cheng and Dre are fighting over a girl that Dre really likes but Cheng doesn’t want her with him. They are now against each other and will have to compete in the tournament. Fighting over a girl may seem like a childish thing but then they change perspective of how it should really be. They are so positive about wanting to fight against each other.

8 Falling Action After the tournament is over with and there is no more problems going on Cheng and Dre have no hard feelings towards each other. Dre learns to live in china and has learned how to do stuff properly thanks to Mr. Han. The opponent Being Cheng has disappeared because the tournament is over with and no more worries going on. They learn to get along without having to do it because they are told to. Cheng gives Dre the trophy without any mean looks or bad actions.

9 Resolution They all are equal knowing that each are winners themselves by heart and soul. The hero has grown a lot since he got to china. He lost a lot of character flaws that led him into learning what is called kung fu. Learning new things and many ways of doing them lets you know the basics of what is being done and you reach the top of the goal you are trying to reach. Everything happens for a reason and that is why Dre’s destiny changed.

10 Summary When you meet people from other parts of the world they either have something against you or not. Many people are rude or nice there are just some with the noble hearts that will help you no matter what. If you fall you get back up and keep trying that's the whole point of being trained and practicing. There will come a time when you really have to overcome your fears and let go of your flaws. In order to do what is told you will first have to pay close attention to what is going on not everything is as easy as it seems.

11 Theme Believe in yourself.

12 The End! I really enjoyed watching karate kid because it showed how he was easily losing his character flaws. Dre was a kid from the city that learned how to live in a completely different way than in Detroit. He learned something new as the days passed by and didn’t forget how to use them after he had learned them. I am a very fun and outgoing person to be around with, with many ways of making you laugh.

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