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Legislative Recap 82 nd Session Texas Foster Family Association Conference October 8, 2011.

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1 Legislative Recap 82 nd Session Texas Foster Family Association Conference October 8, 2011

2 Our mission is to improve the lives of Texas children by building commitment and action for improved public policy and programs. Issue areas: Juvenile Justice Children’s mental wellbeing Child Welfare Child and Maternal Health Family Financial Security

3 KEY Neutral Good Bill  Bad Bill

4 Child Protection The Budget Overall, caseload growth was not funded. Reduction of 209 FTE’s-direct service workers Statewide intake received no additional funding. PAL Purchased services cut by 6% Reduction in state matching funds for purchased adoptions and post-adoptions services. Provider agencies expected to provide match funds. Prevention funding cut by 30%

5 Child Abuse and Neglect Prevention- Related Laws SB 434 by Nelson – Relationship between domestic violence and child abuse SB 1154 by Uresti – Taskforce to reduce child abuse and neglect HB 253 by Hilderbran – Restraining orders vs. removals Failed to Pass HB 2637 by Chisum – Children’s Trust Fund 

6 Child Abuse and Neglect Prevention: Continued SB 1414 by Duncan – Training for colleges and universities SB 471 by West – Training for schools and daycares

7 SB 218 by Nelson – Foster Care Redesign HB 753 by Raymond – CPS hiring preferences HB 943 by Dukes – Missing Children in DFPS custody SB 501 by West – Disproportionality Council HB 826 by Guillen and Zaffirini- School Liaison New Laws to Improve Foster Care Services and Outcomes

8 Mental Wellbeing Failed to Pass: SB 681 by West Behavioral assessments SB 219 by Nelson – Trauma-informed care HB 3531 by Strama – Psychotropic medication monitoring What was Eliminated: Systems of Care (TIFI) and Community Resource Coordination Groups (CRCG’s)

9 New Laws for Kinship and Foster Caregivers SB 993 by Uresti and HB 848 by Guillen – Parental Child Safety Placements HB 2370 by Dukes – Permanency Care Assistance (PCA)

10 New Laws for Kinship and Foster Caregivers: Continued HB 2560 by Sheffield – Concealed handguns for foster parents HB 807 by Parker – 48 hour notice to caregivers

11 Some New Laws on Judicial Aspects of CPS Cases HB 3311 and HB 3314 by Carter – Attorney communication SB 1026 by Harris – Representation of indigent parents HB 2488 by Scott – Medical records for ad litem’s

12 Judicial Aspects of CPS Cases- Continued Failed to Pass HB 1243 by Miller – Expedited termination for certain mothers  HB 436 by Parker – Foster parents filing suit  HB 835 by Parker – Relatives requesting custody  HB 435 by Parker – Absent fathers’ rights 

13 New Laws for Youth Transitioning out of Foster Care SB 218 by Nelson – Waives driver’s license fee’s HB 452 by Lucio – Temporary college housing assistance HB 2170 by Pena –Bill of Rights and Credit Reports HB 3234 by Pena – Case records for youth

14 Bills for Youth Transitioning out of Foster Care Failed to Pass: SB 63 by Zaffirini (companion HB 1709 by Dukes)- Matched Savings Accounts Failed to Pass SB 1724 by Zaffirini Tuition and fee waivers  HB 759 by West- Housing

15 Join Us Today! Our members help us secure better results for children and Texas. Membership is FREE for direct service organizations and government agencies. To continue our work, we need you at the table as a Texans Care member.  Meets monthly at Texas Capitol  Facilitates communication between DFPS, providers, advocates, and the community  Open meeting for Information- sharing  All welcome - Partners in Child Protection Reform

16 Contact: Ashley R. Harris, MSSW Get the complete report online:

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