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Division of Graduate Education Gisele Muller-Parker Richard Boone

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1 Division of Graduate Education Gisele Muller-Parker ( Richard Boone (


3  Select, recognize and financially support individuals early in their careers with the demonstrated potential to be high achieving scientists and engineers  Broaden participation in science and engineering of underrepresented groups, including women, minorities, persons with disabilities and veterans

4  Funding ◦ Three years of support over a five year period ◦ Annual stipend of $32,000 ◦ Annual cost of education allowance of $12,000 paid to institution  Flexible ◦ Choice of project, advisor and program  Unrestrictive ◦ No service requirement  Portable ◦ Any accredited U.S. institution  Awards ◦ 2,000 for each of the past three years

5  Graduate Research Opportunities Worldwide (GROW) ◦ Recently announced as a Dear Colleague Letter (NSF 13-022)  Engineering Innovation Fellows Program

6 ◦ Partnering with EPSCoR ◦ Providing presentations to underrepresented groups  Joint Annual Meeting of NSF’s Division of Human Resource Development ◦ Selecting panelists from minority serving institutions GRFP awardee demographic trend:  ~ 17% Underrepresented Minorities in 2012  ~ 8% Underrepresented Minorities in 2002

7  Publicize GRFP on campus  Identify faculty willing to mentor  Encourage faculty to serve as reviewers  Establish peer mentoring system  Recognize current Fellows  Hold workshops  Ask for outreach visit by NSF  Utilize GRFP’s web resources

8  NSF GRFP Website ( ◦ Solicitation and links ◦ List of current and former Fellows  NSF GRFP FastLane Website ( ◦ Application, guides, announcements  GRFP Website (

9 GRFP is a cross-Foundation Program with a Working Group with members from each Directorate Some questions the Working Group is considering: Is GRFP targeting the most appropriate applicant pool to meet the program goals? Should GRFP provide more professional development opportunities for NSF Graduate Fellows? Should the current financial model of the fellowship be changed to maximize the impact of NSF investments in GRFP?

10 Integrative Graduate Education and Research Traineeship (IGERT) Program Established in 1998 to address national calls for greater emphasis on interdisciplinary training in graduate education.

11 7102 students 122 institutions (some with multiple awards) 44 states, DC, and Puerto Rico 146 current projects 55% of current IGERT projects have international training component IGERT students value interdisciplinary training more highly than any other aspect of theprogram

12 The proposed NSF FY ‘14 budget calls for a transition from IGERT to a new NSF Research Traineeship (NRT) program.

13 “These projects will design and implement traineeships programs in emphasis areas that align with national priorities where new areas of science are emerging rapidly.” “NRT will also provide a mechanism for learning about the implementation and impact of innovative graduate traineeship programs or graduate education policies.” Source: Proposed NSF FY ‘14 budget

14 “The program will build on what has been learned through IGERT, the Graduate STEM Fellows in GK-12 Education (GK-12) program, and in other relevant NSF-sponsored efforts.” “NSF will seek transformative approaches to graduate education that keep pace with the transformation of science in emerging fields and in specialized areas.” Source: Proposed NSF FY ‘14 budget

15 Work is now underway to to further define the NRT and develop the NRT solicitation. NSF anticipates releasing the NRT solicitation in FY ‘14. FY ‘14 request for IGERT/NRT is $55M We welcome your thoughts on the design of the new NRT and the emphasis areas.

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