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NSF Opportunities in International Research & Education Bibliotheca Alexandrina Alexandria, April 3, 2009 Nigel Sharp Division of Astronomical Sciences.

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1 NSF Opportunities in International Research & Education Bibliotheca Alexandrina Alexandria, April 3, 2009 Nigel Sharp Division of Astronomical Sciences

2 NSF’s International Activities International activities are a key part of NSF’s mission. “Discovery is a global enterprise. For the U.S. to remain in the forefront of world science and technology, it needs scientists and engineers from all disciplines who can operate and lead international teams and track international discoveries in some of the most challenging research areas.” » NSF Director Arden Bement, 2004

3 Office of International Science and Engineering (OISE) Manage international programs that are catalytic, innovative and responsive to the broad range of NSF interests Promote access to unique research facilities and opportunities Promote international experiences for junior researchers - undergraduate students through postdoctoral fellows Develop new models of collaboration in developed and developing countries Analyze international activities and trends Provide leadership in responding to major international issues

4 International Funding Planning Visits and Workshops Developing Global Scientists and Engineers Partnerships for International Research and Education Co-funding and Supplements International collaborative research proposals are submitted directly to the appropriate NSF Research Directorate New: RAPID (Rapid Response, not delayed by merit review) New: EAGER (Exploratory, early concept, perhaps risky)

5 Planning Visits Support travel of U.S. investigator to plan collaboration Short duration; usually one or two weeks Travel to field sites is allowable Need CV and letter from counterpart scientist indicating interest in collaboration

6 Workshops Co-organized by U.S. & foreign investigator Grants support U.S. participants Identify areas of joint research Stimulate future collaborative proposals Include junior researchers: graduate students, postdoctoral researchers May be held in United States or foreign country

7 Developing Global Scientists and Engineers OISE supports many programs to add international awareness to the next generation of scientist and engineers Postdoctoral Researchers Graduate Students Undergraduate Students

8 Support for Postdoctoral Researchers International Research Fellowship Program Advanced Study Institutes Disciplinary Postdoctoral Fellowships Planning visits and workshops

9 Advanced Study Institutes Offer advanced training in topics of current research activity Proposed and organized by US PIs in collaboration with scientists from other countries Acquaint promising US young investigators with peers in other countries Promote cooperation among senior and junior scientists

10 Support for Graduate Students East Asia and Pacific Summer Institutes Doctoral Dissertation Enhancement Projects Integrative Graduate Education and Research Traineeship (IGERT) Graduate Research Fellowships Participation in planning visits, workshops, and center-to-center linkages

11 Integrative Graduate Education and Research Traineeship (IGERT) Foundation-wide program of institutional awards to support graduate research fellowships Multidisciplinary, problem-oriented focus Strong encouragement and OISE support for international collaborations, including sending US students abroad

12 Graduate Research Fellowships Program for US citizens or permanent residents at beginning of graduate program About 900 new fellowships each year 3 years of support over 5 years One-time international travel allowance Possibility of OISE supplement to support collaborative research at foreign site

13 Support for Undergraduate Students International Research Experiences for Students Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) - sites and supplements - citizen/resident students REU supplements can add undergraduates to a research project with an international dimension Looking Beyond the Borders: A Project Director’s Handbook of Best Practices for International Research Experience for Undergraduates

14 Partnerships for International Research and Education Next cycle in late 2010 - check the website Larger awards, ~$500K/year for 5 years Research focus with essential international partner Integrate institutional resources (e.g., cultural and language training, IT) Involve junior researchers and scientists in international collaboration

15 Research Directorate Support for International Activities Most funding for international activities comes from awards made by the research directorates NSF supports expenses of US scientists and students (limited support possible for foreign counterparts in developing countries) OISE can co-fund these projects with certain restrictions and preferences Contact discipline program officer and/or relevant regional OISE program officer

16 OISE Supplements to NSF Awards OISE can co-fund a supplement to add or strengthen the international dimensions of a project Research-related activity (e.g., research awards, workshops, REU’s, centers, planning visits) Intellectual collaboration and mutual benefit required Support for junior faculty & students a priority PI should consult NSF disciplinary program director or regional OISE program manager

17 Visit OISE homepage: Call/email OISE program manager Call/email disciplinary program officer Ask, ask, ask! Programs are created, removed, and altered all the time: what used to be true may no longer be Always ask the currently responsible person: most NSF staff are individuals and changeable Ask, ask, ask (or did I already say that) If you get the wrong answer, ask somebody else Inquiries

18 General NSF homepage: Sign up for email alerts for new solicitations (custom) Getting permission is great Getting forgiveness is impossible All proposals are electronic: http:/ Alternative (US government): http:/ Information: http:/ US-Egypt Joint Science & Technology Fund Program – next deadline October 2009 Inquiries

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