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Watertown High School Case Middle School H.T. Wiley School Procedure For Handling Monies Raised by Your Club.

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1 Watertown High School Case Middle School H.T. Wiley School Procedure For Handling Monies Raised by Your Club

2 Extra-Curricular Classroom Activity Clubs are those operated by and for the students with a staff advisor(s). Moneys are usually collected voluntarily by pupils and are spent by them as they see fit so long as they abide by established regulations.

3  A Club Charter must be filled out and handed in :  Club Charter:  Name of the Club: Foreign Language Club   Purpose of the Club: To introduce   Club Advisor and Student Officers: Advisor: Mrs. Pierce  President: Steve Herne Vice President: Amy Stone Treasurer: Bob Evans  Secretary: Melissa Morse   Board Approved: Yes or No This form should be filled out by the Advisor of the Extra-Curricular Activity Club A list of members need to be handed in.

4  Minutes need to be recorded. This includes date, beginning and ending time, place of meeting, items discussed during the meeting and the results of any voting that may have occurred. Please hand in bi-weekly to Mrs. Parker-Newell Name of Club: Foreign Language Club   DATE/TIME: Sept. 8, 2014 - 3:00 p.m.   LOCATION: Room 212 ATTENDANCE:  (Attach a sign-in sheet)   DISCUSSION LEFT FROM LAST MEETING: Fundraiser for Homemade Pizza sales  NEW BUSINESS: How many students each student is going to sell and hand in date for all sales.   COMMITTEE REPORTS: voted on final sale date   OLD BUSINESS: Homemade Pizza Sales   ADJOURNMENT TIME: 3:45 pm   NEXT MEETING DATE, TIME AND LOCATION: Sept. 12, 2014 – 3:00 pm Room 212

5 09/08/2013 Foreign Language Club Homemade Pizza Sales Room 212 Please hand in bi-weekly to Mrs. Parker- Newell

6  The Activity Treasurer (student) should have a folder that includes a general ledger sheet listing all their transactions and balances along with their receipts from Deposits or Disbursements.  This folder can be obtained from Sally Parker-Newell.  Sample Form next slide

7 General Ledger Foreign Language Club 2014-2015 DateTransactionsCheck #R/V# Debit (Deposit) Credit (Checks)Balance 9/11/2014 Beginning Balance $235.00 9/12/2014 Deposit From School From Homemade Pizza Sales R3344$500.00 735.00 9/19/2014 Payment For Homemade Pizza Sales1356V345 $250.00485.00. Sample of General Ledger Sheet for Clubs

8  Fill out the appropriate Deposit/Disbursement form and put it in Sally Parker-Newell’s mailbox or give it to her directly.  (Do not leave money in her mailbox)  Deposit and/or Disbursement forms, along with a blue tally sheet, can be picked up in the main office in each building.

9  All money must be deposited within three days from the time you collect it  Obtain a deposit form and a blue tally sheet from the main office  Advisors are to deliver the deposit to Sally Parker-Newell (Case makes their own deposits then ponies over the paperwork)  Students should not be in the hall unescorted with money If Sally is not available all money must be brought to the main office and locked in the safe until Sally is available.

10  Never pay a D.J. or any vendor cash you should always write a check or charge. You need a paper trail. If there is a dance the money must be counted that night and recorded on blue tally sheet  The blue tally sheet goes in Sally’s mailbox and the money is put in the safe by Administration  The advisor must retrieve the money from the safe the first business day by contacting Administration  The student treasurer should recount the deposit

11  Change needs to be wrapped - even if it does not equal amount of wrapper (write the amount on the wrapper)  Currency needs to be wrapped  All bills should be put in order of denomination ( don’t mix wrappers with different denominations)  All bills should be facing the same way  For large deposits please wrap bills with appropriate bill wrappers  $500.00 straps – 20’s or 10’s  $200.00 straps – 10’s or 5’s  $100.00 straps – 5’s or 1’s  $50.00 straps – 1’s

12 All appropriate signatures (treasurer, advisor) need to be completed on the deposit slip before handing in the deposit  The balance brought forward, amount of deposit, and new balance must be filled in on each deposit form  Deposit Form Sample next slide


14  Submit original receipts for items that need to be reimbursed, with your signature on the receipt  All appropriate signatures (treasurer, advisor) need to be completed  The balance brought forward, amount of check, and new balance must be filled in on each disbursement form Purpose - make sure you have a good explanation for the reason needing a check  Allow at least three-five days to receive your check - plan ahead  Disbursement Sample Form next slide

15 Principals Signature Mrs. Parker-Newell V345 September 16, 2013 Northern Bakery Supply, Inc. 250.00 Foreign Language Club To pay for homemade pizza supplies 735.00 250.00 485.00 Teachers Signature Students Signature 1356September 19, 2013

16  An activity Advisor may purchase no more than $500.00 on his/her own personal charge card unless written approval from building principal.  Any equipment purchased over $200.00 will have to be approved by the building principal and purchased through the districts general funds.  The club will reimburse WCSD general funds through the activity account.

17  If a service is being provided from outside the WCSD an invoice is needed and pre-approved by the building principal. The club name, date, service being provided and the amount should be included on the invoice.  If the vehicles used for a field trip are to be rented or privately owned for any trip involving students or volunteers, a Field Trip Transportation Request and Volunteer Driver Information Sheet must be filled out and returned to the main office. (ie.,Use of Rental or Private Owned Vehicles) Also for rental of any vehicle you must use the WCSD charge card.  Computer software can not be purchased unless approved by Dave Campbell.

18  Walmart  Sam’s Club  Key Bank Master Card (limit of $5000.00) for all schools and clubs

19 If PTO would like to purchase equipment or other items for your school it would be considered a donation to the school. A requisition must be filled out at your school. Item number and a good description of item The name of the store, address and phone number. The WCSD will pay for the equipment or other item. Then the Business Department at the district will send the PTO an invoice for payment for the item purchased. Make sure you have contact name of PTO representative with requisition.

20 Are Extra-Curricular Activity Clubs Exempt from the provisions of the Sales Tax? NO

21 Taxed Items Sales of ice cream cones, sundaes, soft ice cream, etc. Candy or soda sales Admission charges to dances Book store sales Yearbook sales This includes concession stand sales for any event.

22 Taxed Items Sale of raw materials such as wood or metal Prepared food sold in a heated state such as pizza, barbecue chicken, popcorn, coffee, tea, etc., or candy or sugar coated Catered situations where food items are cooked and served such as spaghetti dinners

23 Taxed Items Charges for services for repairing, maintaining, or servicing tangible personal property, including repairing and maintaining autos, washing cars, etc. Excavation for capital improvements (unless ST-124 obtained)

24 Taxed Items Sale of manufactured items such as jewelry, clothing, furniture, etc. T-Shirt sales is exempt if sold to students. If sold to Adults, T-Shirts are taxable. Sale of artistic items such as sketches, paintings, recordings, etc., Sale of animals, trees, shrubs, plants and seeds

25 Exempt from sales tax: Bake sales and sales of bakery products sold for off-premises consumption Admission charges to dramatic or musical acts performances

26 Exempt from sales tax: Sale of newspaper/periodicals Fruit drink sales where they contain 70% or more natural fruit juice Services for cutting or styling hair Sale of US flags

27 Exempt from sales tax: Sale of advertising space Charges for services for repairing, maintaining, or servicing farm machinery

28 Exempt from sales tax: Cold salads, beans, cole slaw, etc., sold by the pound, quart, or pint and for which a separate charge made Potato chips and similar pre- packaged snack foods sold for off- premises consumption

29 Remember all Extra-Curricular Activity Clubs are for the purpose of the students. They should be hands - on and involved in all decision making that involves the clubs. Students should have an understanding of the purpose of the club and how clubs are managed including profits and losses.

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