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Another world is possible! Well, maybe. Simon Parker, Director, NLGN.

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1 Another world is possible! Well, maybe. Simon Parker, Director, NLGN

2 This is the default position… 2

3 3

4 Maybe… 4

5 You know where you need to innovate 5

6 But there are big barriers 6

7 And we’re moving too slowly 7

8 Types of innovators emerging 8

9 Where next?

10 Making some big bets 10

11 From internally-driven change to external reform 11 Future Council Demand-led transformation Supply-side transformation Value Demand Genuine demand that drives service design Excess Demand People demand services they don’t need Avoidable Demand Arises from behaviours which are escapable Preventable Demand Need not have arisen had an earlier intervention been made Co-dependent demand Arises from the need of the supplier Failure Demand Arises as the result of errors in supply Support Costs Cost of back office and support arrangements Access Costs The cost and complexity of citizens accessing services Delivery Costs How much is paid for service delivery Supply costs The cost of the services and materials procured Management costs The cost of managing people and processes Assessment costs How much the Council spends on determining service needs Commissioning Co-production Personalisation Demand management Behavioural change Early intervention Cultural change Efficiency Client side advisory Process improvement Service integration Change management Leadership development Strategy and policy

12 Scenario planning 12

13 Three scenarios 13

14 Design futures 14

15 Simulations 15

16 16

17 17

18 Emerging ideas… P2P public services: how could tech enable people to deliver services to each other with minimal state involvement? Open source reform: how do we engage the community, business and VCS in a different conversation about a new social contract? Preventative tariffs: can we open them up to councils and social enterprises? 18

19 In conclusion… Everyone’s looking for someone to copy, but it’s not clear there are any ready-made answers Progress probably means placing some big bets on new approaches to service delivery New processes for internal innovation and sharing new practice are very badly needed. 19

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