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This is Parker Hannifin Corporation. 2 3 Parker is the global leader in motion and control technologies, partnering with its customers to increase their.

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1 This is Parker Hannifin Corporation

2 2

3 3 Parker is the global leader in motion and control technologies, partnering with its customers to increase their productivity and profitability.

4 4 Where can you find Parker?

5 5 Parker’s Foundation 1918 Arthur Parker founds the Parker Appliance Company. “Our success is founded on fair dealing, hard work, coordination of effort and quality of products.”

6 6 1924 After his inventory was lost when his truck went over a cliff, Parker begins anew, fueled by the auto industry boom of the 1920s. Parker’s Foundation

7 7 Parker’s History 1926-27 Arthur Parker develops a leak-free fuel system to sustain Lindbergh’s Spirit of St. Louis for the first trans-Atlantic flight.

8 8 1930-40 Parker endures the Great Depression and establishes new headquarters with the purchase of the bankrupt Hupp Motor Car facility. Parker’s enterprise employs 38 people. Parker’s History

9 9 1940-45 Parker answers the call to aid U.S. national defense as a contract supplier of hydraulics, connectors and metering devices for aircraft in WWII. The company is 5,000 employees strong. Parker’s History

10 10 1945-50 After Arthur’s death, advisors recommend liquidation to Mrs. Helen Parker. She refuses, as son Patrick is poised to advance in the company upon graduating Harvard Business School. Parker’s History

11 11 1950-70 The company grows, merges with Hannifin. 1959 sales: $43 million. International operations formed in 1960. 1969 sales: $197 million. Parker’s History

12 12 Parker’s History 1960-70 Parker is essential to Apollo’s historic moon landings. Following the landing of Apollo 17, Astronaut Harrison Schmidt commands, “Ok Parker valves,” to signal their cycle.

13 13 1970 During the Apollo 13 crisis, Parker engineers test and develop oxygen flow solutions for the astronauts’ safe return. Parker’s History

14 14 1970-90 Parker expands to offer a variety of motion and control products, with a series of industrial and aerospace acquisitions. The commercial aerospace industry booms. 1980 sales reach $1 billion. Parker’s History

15 15 Parker Today 1990-Present Parker grows to become more than 57,000 employees strong, with approximately 300 manufacturing sites around the globe and a modern world headquarters in Ohio.

16 16 Parker Today Parker’s nine technologies support 1,200 markets worldwide.

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23 23 Our Customers – Some of the Most Recognized Companies in the World

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25 25 Vital Statistics $12 billion in revenue 960,000 Products 449,000 Customers 62,000 Employees 12,000 Distribution Outlets 1,200 Markets 298 Manufacturing Plants 135 Divisions 48 Countries with Parker locations

26 26 Key Markets Commercial transports Military aircraft Regional transports Aircraft engines Business & general aviation Unmanned aerial vehicles Missiles & launch vehicles Land-based weapons systems Key Products Flight control systems & components Hydraulic systems & components Fuel systems & components Pneumatic systems & components Inert nitrogen generating systems Fluid metering delivery & atomization devices Wheels & brakes Fluid conveyance systems

27 27 Key Markets Food, beverage & dairy Air conditioning Transportation Agriculture Processing Precision cooling Medical/life sciences Key Products Thermostatic expansion valves Pressure regulating valves Filter-driers Refrigerant distributors Safety relief valves Hand shut-off valves CO 2 controls Electronic controllers Solenoid valves Hose & fittings

28 28 Key Markets Factory automation Aerospace Life science & medical Semiconductor & electronics Machine tools Packaging machinery Wire & cable Plastics machinery & converting Paper machinery Primary metals Textile Key Products AC/DC drives & systems Electric actuators, gantry robots & slides Linear motors Stepper motors, servo motors, drives & controls Human machine interface Structural extrusions Electromechanical actuation systems Electrohydrostatic actuation systems

29 29 Key Markets Marine Transportation Industrial machinery Process Mobile equipment Oil & gas Power generation Food & beverage Life sciences Key Products Hydraulic, lubrication & coolant filters Process, chemical, water & microfiltration filters Compressed air & gas filters Condition monitoring Analytical gas generators Nitrogen, hydrogen & zero air generators Engine air, fuel & oil filtration & systems

30 30 Key Markets Oil & gas Bulk chemical handling Food & beverage Aerospace Welding Fuel & gas delivery Agriculture Transportation Construction machinery Industrial machinery Mobile Key Products Rubber & thermoplastic hose & couplings Industrial hose Tube fittings & adaptors PTFE & PFA hose, tubing & plastic fittings Brass fittings & valves Quick disconnects Diagnostic equipment Fluid conveyance systems

31 31 Key Markets Construction machinery Agriculture Aerospace Industrial machinery Oil & gas Truck hydraulics Power generation & energy Aerial lift Forestry Mining Key Products Hydraulic cylinders & accumulators Hydraulic valves & controls Hydraulic motors & pumps Power take-offs Hydraulic systems Rubber & thermoplastic hose & couplings Tube fittings & adapters Quick disconnects Diagnostic equipment

32 32 Key Markets Factory automation Life science & medical Transportation & automotive Machine tools Packaging machinery Conveyor & material handling Aerospace Key Products Pneumatic valves & controls Air preparation Pneumatic actuators & grippers Rotary actuators Pneumatic accessories Vacuum generators, cups & sensors Structural extrusions Thermoplastic tubing & fittings Rubber & thermoplastic hose & couplings Brass fittings & valves Quick disconnects Manifolds

33 33 Key Markets Chemical/refining Power generation Oil & gas Microelectronics Food, beverage & dairy Medical & dental Key Products Medium pressure fittings & valves Instrumentation fittings, valves & regulators Process control manifolds High purity gas delivery fittings, valves & regulators Fluoropolymer chemical delivery fittings, valves & pumps Analytical sample conditioning products & systems

34 34 Key Markets Transportation Energy, oil & gas Semiconductor Aerospace Fluid power Life sciences Telecommunications Consumer Chemical processing Information technology Military General industrial Key Products Elastomeric o-rings Homogeneous & inserted elastomeric shapes Metal & plastic retained composite seals Extruded & precision- cut/fabricated elastomeric seals Dynamic seals High temperature metal seals EMI shielding Thermal management

35 Thank You!

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