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VICTORIAN UNIT REVIEW!!!!. Who was the period named after? Answer: Queen Victoria.

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2 Who was the period named after? Answer: Queen Victoria

3 The 1840’s were nicknamed “The ____________ Forties.” Answer: The Hungry 40s

4 Why did over 2 million Irish migrate to England? Answer: The Potato Famine

5 When it came to Victorian values, what were people not allowed to talk about? Answer: Personal matters – especially anything dealing with SEX! SEX

6 Who was Florence Nightingale? Answer: A war nurse who improved health and sanitation for injured soldiers

7 Who was Octavia Hill? Answer: Social worker who helped to improve housing!

8 What scientific theory became very popular, and who came up with it? Answer: Charles Darwin; Evolution.

9 What author wrote A Christmas Carol? Answer: Charles Dickens

10 Wrote the sonnet “How do I Love Thee?” Answer: Elizabeth Barrett Browning

11 What author wrote The Lady of Shalott? Answer: Alfred, Lord Tennyson

12 This author is known for his very poor beginnings in poverty and ending as a successful writer! Answer: Charles Dickens

13 Published a well-known book of poems called “Sonnets from the Portuguese ” Answer: Elizabeth Barrett Browning

14 This author was born in Bombay, India. Answer: Rudyard Kipling

15 Critics told this author he was too “melancholy” and he didn’t find his success until he was 4o years old! Answer: Alfred, Lord Tennyson

16 This author fell in love with Elizabeth Barrett and eloped to Italy in 1846. Answer: Robert Browning

17 This author is forced to postpone his engagement for 14 years because he has no money! Answer: Alfred, Lord Tennyson

18 This author wrote “The Mark of the Beast”. Answer: Rudyard Kipling

19 Was an “invalid” –was sick and addicted to morphine whole life Answer: Elizabeth Barrett Browning

20 Wrote the poems “Meeting at Night” and “Life in a Love” Answer: Robert Browning

21 This author becomes the “Poet Laureate” of England after William Wordsworth Answer: Alfred, Lord Tennyson

22 This poet’s father forbid any of his children to marry – had to marry in secret Answer: Elizabeth Barrett Browning

23 This author didn’t feel that European civilization and way of life was superior to all else and disagreed with using guns to impose values on others.. Answer: Rudyard Kipling

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