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2013 Policy Manual Revised July 2012. Please read and review carefully. MCC policies and processes have changed significantly.

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1 2013 Policy Manual Revised July 2012. Please read and review carefully. MCC policies and processes have changed significantly.

2 Table of Contents Mission…………………..… 3 MCC Grant Basics…………..………… 4-8 Deadlines………………..…… 9 How to Apply……………..……… 10 Hearings…………………..… 11-12 Submission & Hearing Schedules……………..……… 13-14 MCC Structure………………..…… 15-16 How Decisions are Made………………..…… 17-18 Appeals……………..……… 19-20 Award Requirements…………………..… 21 MCC Logos………………..…… 22-23 Submission and Printing……………….pg. 24 Contact…………………..… 25 2

3 Mission Founded in 1973, the Mission of the MCC is to enhance the campus climate by supporting on-campus events that: Foster Social Justice & Inclusion Support the retention & graduation of Students of Color Provide significant leadership & decision making experiences for Students of Color Speak to the interests and needs of Students of Color and their Allies Encourage relationship building within and/or across racial/ethnic campus communities 3

4 All Grants must align with MSC & MCC Mission MCC specializes in small budget events –Total event budget must not exceed $7000.00 ($7k) –Maximum MCC award is $5000.00 ($5k, single event/grant) MCC must fund a minimum of 70% of the event MCC can fund up to 100% of an event –If the total budget is below $5k –If doing so would not violate State/University/MSC/MCC policies No RSO can receive more than $7k in a fiscal year MCC Grant Basics 4

5 Top priority will be given to on-campus events that embody at least two of the four criteria below: 1.Educational in Scope: Social Justice Education, Cultural Education, and/or Incorporated into classroom education 2.Fosters Leadership Development: Event Planning, Team Management, Critical Thinking, and/or Problem Solving (for organizers and participants) MCC Grant Basics (cont.) 5

6 (Priorities/Criteria Continued) 3.Fosters Career/Professional Development: Professional Networking, Employment Seeking Skills, Exposure to career options, etc 4. Fosters Community Development: Relationship Building [within & across racial/ethnic communities], Heritage & Awareness Observations, Participation in Campus-wide events (Welcome Week, Homecoming, Parents Weekend, etc) MCC Grant Basics (cont.) 6

7 MCC cannot/does not fund: Student Groups that - do not have or lost their RSO status (Current Academic Year) - host an event while they are suspended or under investigation Less than 70% of the total event budget Food or Beverages Events where alcohol is available or allowed Travel/Transportation Fundraising Events Supplies (eg. pens, paper plates, decorations, etc) Awards (prizes, gift cards, cash, trophies, plaques, etc) Reimbursement for funds spent prior to grant award Honoraria - without a University contract; signed and submitted at least 4 weeks before the event - for International persons without documentation of appropriate VISA status MCC Grant Basics (cont.) 7

8 MCC can/does fund: Printing (on-campus only) Space Rental Equipment Rental Lodging (only @ current state rate)current state rate Honorarium -if your grant application was submitted at least 45 days before your event -if a University contract and other required documents (e.g. W9 Forms) are signed by the payee & submitted to the MCC Advisor at least 4 weeks before the event -if international payees provide us with documentation of an appropriate VISA status at least 4 weeks before the event MCC Grant Basics (cont.) 8

9 Grant Applications must be submitted at least: 30 Days before your event (No Honorarium Request) -your hearing must be at least 2 weeks before the event -so that proper awardee and vendor notification can be made 45 Days before your event (With Honorarium Request) - your hearing must be at least 4 weeks before the event - so that the University Contract can be produced, signed and processed for payment. -so that the check payment will be ready on the day of the event. NOTE: University checks can take up to 6 weeks to process. Deadlines 9

10 See, Submission Deadlines & Hearing Schedule – Your RSO must have an account on WIN.WIN Access the grant by completing the following steps: 1)Click MCC Event Proposal Form o 2) Click the green "Log In" button 3) Enter your UW Net Id and Password 4) Complete Form 5) Submit Form How to Apply 10

11 1)Please click next in the lower right corner 2)On the next page click Submit for Approval 3)After your grant has been submitted your application will appear in your My Submissions section of your WIN page, which you should be automatically directed too. If you are not automatically redirected, you can always to to your WIN page and select My Submissions. 1)Once on your My Submissions page you should see your MCC Event Form submission 2) To print select the PDF icon located on the right side of your grant title on the my submissions page 3)After your grant appears click File and then Print Submission and Printing 11

12 1. MCC hearings are on (alternate) Wednesdays - @ 6:15pm, MSC Conference Rm. (Red Gym, South Mezzanine) 2. Hearing date, is based upon date of submission (See Schedule) - electronic notification will be sent to the Primary Contact(s) listed on the application 3. RSO Rep(s). signs in upon arrival - no more than two reps. per org should attend 4. Chairperson will call meeting to order 5. RSO Rep. must be present when your name is called 6. Bring 2 Copies of your full application - plus supporting materials (Quotes, Letters of Support, etc) 7.Prepare/Deliver a 5 min. Presentation - program: Goals, History, Relevance, Mission Alignment, etc. Hearings 12

13 8. Answer all questions from council members - RSO Rep. may stay or leave once their Q&A is over - RSO Rep. may not add any information once the Q&A is over unless a MCC member yields them time. 9. Council will discuss applications after all presentations 10. Council will make funding decisions - council may postpone a decision on an application, until the next scheduled hearing 11. Council will adjourn Hearings (cont.) 13

14 Your hearing will be on… August 29 September 12 September 26 October 10 October 24 November 7 Fall 2012: Submission & Hearing Schedule 14 If you submit before… August 14 August 28 September 11 September 25 October 9 October 23

15 Spring 2012: Submission & Hearing Schedule 15 Your hearing will be on… January 23 February 6 February 20 March 6 March 20 April 3 If you submit before… January 8 January 22 February 5 February 19 March 15 March 19

16 (10-13) enrolled students -undergraduate, graduate, or professional -(1) representative from each RSO’s housed @MSC -(3) at-large representatives (open to any enrolled student) (See MSC staff for application) Term, 1 year (May be re-elected/appointed) Leadership - student grant administrator (MSC Student Intern) Assists RSO’s in the application process Mentors Council Members - MCC advisor (MSC pro-staff member) MCC Structure 16

17 MCC uses Robert’s Rules of Order (Modified) - council may not conduct official business without a quorum Chairperson -grant administrator is default chairperson -any member can volunteer to chair a hearing (grant admin will assist if needed) Recording Secretary -grant admin. is default (if another member is serving as Chair) - any member can volunteer to record minutes Advisor -mentors grant admin. -ensures policy compliance -coordinates payments with the Financial Specialist monitors Budget MCC Structure (cont.) 17

18 Successful MCC grant applications are screened three times Stage 1 Reviewed by MSC Staff (MCC Advisor, Grant Admin, etc) Scored on a Rubric –Mission Alignment, Policy Compliance, MCC Priorities –Must receive 70/100 to move forward to a hearing –Feedback is offered to improve grant quality Stage 2 Reviewed by MCC members @ Hearing Scored on a Rubric –Educational Scope, Leadership Development, Community Development, Budget, Presentation, Document Quality, & innovation/creativity –Must receive 75/100 points to move forward to a discussion of award amount How Decisions are Made 18

19 After each round, the person(s) designated as the primary contact on the grant application will receive electronic notification concerning the status of the grant Stage 3 Council members discuss whether to fully or partially fund the grant request and why. Council reaches a decision on the amount of the grant award - relying upon: MCC Mission MCC Priorities Funding Restrictions, etc MCC reserves the right to zero fund, partially fund, or fully fund line items in the budget presented. Note: The MCC fund is a portion of the MSC annual budget and is governed by state and university statutes and guidelines. The MCC is an opportunity for students to learn to make sound fiscal and policy decisions. However, the MSC Director is ultimately accountable for how these funds are spent and at times may override the MCC in order to uphold sound fiscal practice and policy guidelines. How Decisions are Made (cont.) 19

20 Grounds for an appeal Low rubric scores are based upon erroneous assumptions, or a bias against the RSO or its event. The event/grant in question is clearly consistent with the mission, priorities, and policies of MCC Significant changes in the status of the RSO or the event that effect the original application. NOTE: Appeals will only be considered for grants that were unsuccessful (less than 75/100 score on the rubric) @ stage two in the review process Appeals 20

21 Process Appeal Letter sent to MCC Advisor -within 48 hours of (stage two) decision notification - address (in detail) at least one of the four “grounds for appeal” MCC Advisor reviews & responds in 3 business days Hearing Process Convene, MCC Appeal board for a hearing -if MCC Advisor believes an appeal is warranted -appeal board consist of 5 MCC members -RSO presents their case (10 minutes) Deliberation & Decision -A majority vote is required for decision -Appeal board may render Judgment then or postpone decision, because more information is needed Appeals (cont.) 21

22 All MCC Grant recipients must: Meet with the Grant Administrator within 48hrs of approval Supply all vendors with a copy of the MCC Award notice and Vendor Information sheet Submit a copy of all marketing materials to Grant Admin. for approval - prior to posting - a minimum of four business days prior to the event Include the current MCC logo on all marketing materials (hardcopies or electronic)MCC logo - there are versions specifically designed for use with web/electronic documents (.png) and others for hardcopies (.jpg). All marketing Materials must state: “Free and Open to the Public” If you are hosting a free “Ticketed” Event - MCC shall receive 10 % of the tickets for distribution If you are hosting an event w/ reserved seating: - MCC members will be provided seats in the reserved section Complete the MCC Event Evaluation/Report (within 30 days of your event) Submit all invoices to Grant Admin within 10 days of your event - no invoice will be paid if 30 days or more pass after the event - no invoice will be paid after the close of the fiscal year Award Requirements 22

23 Click on image to open file. Right click, save image Color: Black & White : MCC Logos Hardcopy/Print Documents (JPG) 23

24 Click on image to open file. Right click, save image Color: Black & White : MCC Logos Web/Electronic Documents (PNG) 24

25 MCC Grant Administrator 608-262-4503 Multicultural Student Center 716 Langdon Street Red Gym, Second Floor Madison, WI 53706 Contacts 25 MCC Advisor 608-268-2513 Vacant Financial Specialist, Division of Student Life 608-890-2754 mliebmann@studentlife.

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