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Classroom Management Student “buy-in”. Suspension and Expulsion Approved Consequences CA Education Code 48900-48927.

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1 Classroom Management Student “buy-in”

2 Suspension and Expulsion Approved Consequences CA Education Code 48900-48927

3 Suspension Includes but not limited to: Identifies specific violations Defines parental role Used as last resort – other means first Provides for remediation – community service Addresses terrorist threats

4 Suspension cont’ Addresses chemical abuse –Tobacco –Alcohol –Drugs Identifies district authority for use of electronic signaling devices –Pagers –Cell phones –Health exemptions

5 Suspension cont’ Outlines procedures for law enforcement involvement Defines day limit for suspension Allows for classroom suspension Provides for homework Describe documentation procedures

6 Expulsion Includes but is not limited to: Identifies specific acts Outlines procedures Places authority with board Describes district reciprocity Defines term of expulsion and reenrollment Outlines procedures for students with special needs

7 Expulsion cont’ Describes documentation procedures Provides for enrollment into another program or district Outlines record keeping requirements Identifies fiscal impact Discusses expungement Addresses right to legal council Describes hearing procedures Addresses appeals process

8 Student Behavior Contract

9 Components Class Rules and Procedures Consequences for infractions Teacher’s Role and Responsibilities Teachers are responsible to students –Quality instruction –Guidance and support Teachers are not responsible for students

10 Class Rules Establishing class rules teaches to the Affective Domain in Bloom’s TaxonomyAffective Domain in Bloom’s Taxonomy Ensures students recognize rules and take responsibility for consequences Clarifies Disciplinary Actions –California Education CodeCalifornia Education Code –ROCP Operations HandbookROCP Operations Handbook –District Policy

11 Developing Class Rules Authorship –Teacher generated –Student generated –Jointly generated Student involvement –Promotes “buy-in” –Decreases infractions –Invokes peer pressure for cooperation

12 Effective Class Rules Short and to the point Realistic, fair, enforceable Posted in class for reinforcement Phrased in terms of what student will do Avoid references to what students will not do Avoid references to teacher

13 Class Procedures Be informative about what students should “do” Examples –When & how homework is assigned –How & when homework is due –How homework is collected, graded, returned –How homework is formatted –What to do with returned homework

14 Class Procedures cont’ More Examples –What materials are required daily –How are grades earned –Testing procedures –Make up policy –Remediation policy –Attendance policy

15 Consequences Follow all policy –California Ed Code –ROCP Operations Handbook –District and Department Be fair, realistic, consistent Be progressive –1 st offence –2 nd offence –3 rd offence –4 th offence

16 Consequences cont’ Be relevant to rules and procedures Be specific not general Relate to employment when possible Consider student involvement determining consequences if practical Protect student dignity by observing confidentiality

17 Teacher’s Responsibilities Provide quality instruction Provide student feedback procedures Accommodate special needs when reasonable Provide clear objectives and expectations Provide safe learning environment Student grievance process

18 Student Behavior Contract Include all components in clear, concise language Provide signature & date field for student and teacher Provide student with copy Provide copy to parents if applicable Keep copy on file Post unsigned copy in room

19 Proactive Classroom Management 4 F’s: Friendly, firm, fair, formal Establish mutual respect Provide a safe environment Provide positive feedback –Be sincere –Praise improved behavior Show students you care Model desired behavior Be empathetic, not naive

20 Proactive Classroom Management cont’ Model good communication –Explain how you feel –Explain what you want –Avoid blame –Talk in a normal voice Handle problems in-house Use campus resources –Counselors –Coaching staff –Peer assistance

21 Proactive Classroom Management cont’ Attack the problem, not the student –Reassure students you still have confidence in them –Let them know it is their actions you dislike, not them Offer several solutions –Preserve students’ dignity –Students save face –Promotes culpability Use “One minute goals”

22 Perils and Pitfalls Put problems in perspective Avoid displays of temper Do not tolerate displays of temper Don’t hold grudges Don’t make idle threats Don’t give ultimatums Don’t argue in front of class Don’t wait until problems are out of control

23 Perils and Pitfalls cont’ Be wary of body language –Don’t send mixed messages –Body language is more powerful than verbal Don’t belittle or embarrass students Praise in Public Criticize in Private

24 Impact of Student Perceptions Pre-Course Surveys Post-Course Surveys

25 Pre-course Surveys Identifies students’ –Motivation –Barriers –Short-term goals –Intermediate goals –Long-term goals –Expectations Address unrealistic expectations –Disarm potential problems –Establish realistic expectations

26 Post-course Surveys Vehicle for student feedback Provide indices of –Teacher effectiveness –Student satisfaction –Student self-assessment Revisit students’ goals Identify areas for revision Teacher’s self-documentation of performance

27 Students don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.

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