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22-23.05.2014Ministers two Infrastruktury i Rozwoju1 10 YEARS IN EU advertising action.

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1 Ministers two Infrastruktury i Rozwoju1 10 YEARS IN EU advertising action

2 Ministers two Infrastruktury i Rozwoju2 Action’s main assumption Aim of action: Promotion of the progress of civilisation thanks to the access to European Union, our existance and the usage of Structural Funds. Description of action:  horizontal and multithreaded character of the campaign,  presenting in sectional cases the subject matter of European funds - many life areas supported by Structure Funds and all operational programmes,  cooperation with all management institutions of EF and promotion of all operational programmes Action’s message:  Polish attendance in EU is a progress of civilisation and a chance to gain advantages in life area,  10 years in EU provides a number of benefits and projects, realized on a large scale during the time of our membership,  The Poles are proud of Polish develompent during these 10 years. This is an opportunity to reassure and celebrate together.

3 Ministers two Infrastruktury i Rozwoju3 10 years in EU– other message – innovative action Aim of the action entailed a necessity of innovative approach:  engaging beneficiaries of EF to organize Open Days, promotion and participation in events, for the first time on such a big scale  engaging as many institutions implementing Structral Funds as possible  Coordination of MID whole action included several dozen institutions and hundreds beneficiaries from all around Poland  uniform and comprehensible mark of all events - logo, web side, publicities  organizing in all Polish regions a special event on 1 st May  increasing a range reception through different operations

4 Ministers two Infrastruktury i Rozwoju4 Scope thematic of action  – Open Days – events organized by beneficiaries in all voievodships,  open-air events – shows, project’s and beneficiares presentations, EF knowledge competition, concerts  – – media partnership with leading TV station, namely: preparation and emision multithreaded formats of telecasts concerning EF i EU, announcing events in an action (TV plebiscite, knowledge competition and telecasts about changes in each Polish region), live transmision from open-air events organized in regions, TV competition for the most interesting project co-financed from EF in each region, Live transmision from leading show in Warsaw.  1.05 – „The Heart of Europe is beating here” („Tu bije serce Europy”) – artistic show with education elements, big event in Warsaw transmisted by TV,  – publicities on a main TV’s channel, Complement elements of action were – 15.05:  action’s web side,  Outdoor campaign,  quizes or others issues „call to action” leads by media partner,  Additional media partnership big radio station and newspapper including complement actions,  Web sides’ action (e.g. on partner’s web sides )  promotion on MIR’s web sides, Managing Authorities and in social media

5 Ministers two Infrastruktury i Rozwoju5 OPEN DAYS Over atractions organized by about 1000 beneficiaries in the whole country, among others:  free of charge tickets, discounts to museums and exhibitions  learning foreign languages  learning how to dance and dance shows  horse riding, cruises, yoga  Free medical examination and appointment  Activities organized in nurseries and kindergarden  guidance  Visiting inaccessible project’s places (e.g. metro station, workshops)  competitions and thematic activities

6 Ministers two Infrastruktury i Rozwoju6 OPEN DAYS

7 Ministers two Infrastruktury i Rozwoju7 1th MAY – 1 EVENT – 16 REGIONS  16 open-air events in 16 regions  About 7000 visitors on one event in each region  beneficieries’s and projects’s stands on each event

8 Ministers two Infrastruktury i Rozwoju8 Action on TV Action’s presented on a few TV channels  12 TV formats and about 90 different kinds of telecasts for various target groups  nationwide plebiscite „It has changed a lot!” („Ale się zmieniło!”)  17 dedicated telecasts - „morning show” in a main news channel  live transmition from Open Days events  live transmition in a main TV station in Poland from the event organized 1st of May in Polish regions  Information in the news and live transmision of the artistic show  commercials and videopresentations

9 Ministers two Infrastruktury i Rozwoju9 Media support - television

10 Ministers two Infrastruktury i Rozwoju10 WEB & SOCIAL MEDIA STATS 15 April – 13 May new fans of European Funds profile on Facebook views on a web side from Facebook voters in Internet plebiscite views of the film about European Funds on YouTube Visits on (landing page)

11 29 kwietnia 2015Ministers two Infrastruktury i Rozwoju11 Thank you for your attention Michał Wacławik Ministry of Infrastructure and Development Department of Information and Promotion

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