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By Kathy Yeager Contract Training Edge 913-593-5347

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1 By Kathy Yeager Contract Training Edge 913-593-5347

2 The Proposal Compile your notes and determine the best solution for the company needs Lead with a cover letter Success Indicators Solutions in phases Give solution, timeframe, pricing You indicated a successful intervention would include the following success indicators: Less turnover 20% less waste Meeting agendas Better morale

3 The Proposal Proposal Sections: Cover Letter Proposal body with solutions Table of proposed blended learning Bios of consultants Pricing table College Information Bound and delivered to the customer for face-to-face presentation

4 Diagnosing/Upselling Sell phases of blended learning Promote assessment, on-line learning, certificate programs, credit classes, customized curriculum as needed The company’s pain will dictate the solution and additional reinforcement, review classes later. Upsell using coaching and consulting

5 Deliver the Proposal Pre-arrange the meeting Bring copies of the proposal for the decision-makers If large group, prepare a PowerPoint with their company logo and yours Be ready to handle objections Have value-added options ready if needed If you have done your homework and listened for need, the close rate will increase.

6 Set an Objective for Each Meeting Each meeting should have a closing objective that is specific, measureable and appropriately aggressive. I will get a list of key decision-makers I will get a copy of the competitor’s proposal I will obtain a description of the customer’s problem I will ask for the business Never go to a meeting without determining the outcome you want to achieve

7 ABC-Always Be Closing Feedback from the customer How does that sound? How would that work? What do you think about…..? Watch eye contact and body language Are they listening? Are they nodding? Are they looking down and at their watch? Are they leaning forward?

8 Know Your Style Dominance – Confident, competitive, results- and action-oriented, “doers” demanding, take control. Example is Donald Trump Influencing – Friendly, outgoing, emotional, “talkers”, expressive, people-oriented, high need to connect to other people. Example is Bill Cosby Steadiness – Loyal, good listener, stable, needs security, supportive, dependable, harmony. Mother Teresa Competency – Cautious, calculated, analytical, detailed, quality-oriented, follows guidelines, doesn’t show emotions. Mr. Spock

9 Identify Your Customer’s Style Dominance Be direct Be concise, to the point Answer what, not how Bottom line Influencing Spare the details Socialize Follow up Show excitement Steadiness Earn their trust Slow and easy Answer all questions Reassure Competency Proof and testimonial Prepared and structured Answer how Address disadvantages early

10 Adjust Your Style D Communicating to a.. D – Be yourself I – Be prepared to socialize S – Slow down, share information, don’t push C – Provide proof/facts I Communicating to a… D – Be businesslike, don’t initiate small talk I – Remember to ask for an outcome or result S – Earn trust, don’t become overly friendly C – Stick to the facts and proof

11 Adjust Your Style S Communicating to a …. D – Show confidence I – Provide social time S – Reassure C – Use evidence; answer all questions C Communicating to a.. D – Concentrate on what not how I – Hit the high points S – Give them time to digest the info C – Remember to take action

12 Signs They Are Ready to Close Think more and talk less Smiling, nodding yes Repeating positive words Favorable responses Ask a lot of questions

13 Types of Closes Peace of Mind Close Call to Action Close I’ll Think It Over Close Ben Franklin Close Assumptive Close Puppy Dog Close Group Sales Presentation

14 Close With Confidence Summarize Final Check Ask for the Business Conclude with Confidence Follow up Immediately

15 Value-added services if needed Pre and post testing Executive breakfast Volume discounts Gift certificate to publics One free hour of consulting Internal coaching Free public seminars Pilot program for executives Offer coaching at no charge

16 How to close more business Utilize success indicators Always determine next steps Do what you promise Make sure you have covered the need, offered a solution and have buy-in from the decision maker Value-added services in back pocket Bundle pricing Solution is tied to the company mission, vision and values

17 Handling Objections This is more money than I thought it would be……. We don’t have a budget for this until next year…… I can’t let my employees off work for six hours for this training…… We can get this same program cheaper from XYX consultants…………. Can we do the training but not buy the books?….. Why does this training cost so much? Isn’t your college taxpayer funded?........

18 What are Objections? Opportunities The customer simply wants more information to help make a buying decision Anticipate objections and be ready with concrete answers Offer value-added services if needed

19 Determine Next Steps Needs more hard copy information Needs to see the SME Needs references Needs to wait until new fiscal year Needs to compare to other proposals Ready to close and sign contract Never leave a meeting without determining NEXT STEPS!

20 Updating Your Action Plan Record status in CRM System Update Pipeline Report Place next steps in your Outlook or Calendar If closed—proceed to contract and fulfillment

21 Final Thoughts Always Be Closing Understand the customer’s buying style Use trial closes Uncover the true need Hand deliver the proposal Talk only to the decision- maker Create a spreadsheet on the pricing Ask for the business Have value-added services available Always determine next steps

22 For More Information Kathy Yeager Contract Training Edge 913-593-5347

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