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SOCIAL THINKING  NOW OFFERED AT: ABT Introduction and Information.

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1 SOCIAL THINKING  NOW OFFERED AT: ABT Introduction and Information

2 What is Social Thinking?.... Social Thinking  is... How we think of others What we do around others What others do in response to our actions Our emotions regarding their response

3  Whether we are with friends, sending an email, in a classroom or at the grocery store, we take in the thoughts, emotions and intentions of the people we are interacting with.  Most of us have developed our “communications sense” from birth onwards, steadily observing and acquiring social information and learning how to respond to people


5 Many people score high on IQ and standardized tests, yet do not intuitively learn the nuances of social communication and interaction.

6 Common Diagnosis of Individuals…  autism spectrum disorders (high-functioning),  Social communication disorder  ADHD  Asperger's  Nonverbal learning disability (NLD)  Undiagnosed social-learning difficulties – many children and adults experiencing social learning difficulties often have received no diagnosis

7  Social Cognitive Therapy is a fun, motivating, and non-threatening way for clients to explore social thinking while increasing their knowledge of social expectations in a variety of settings, their awareness of their own behavior, and how to modify their behaviors. A treatment framework and curriculum using the Social Thinking ILAUGH  model is used to guide the treatment strategies.

8 ILAUGH Model  ILAUGH  stands for the different precursors that are involved in successful social interactions:  I=Initiation  L=Listening with Eyes, Ears and Brain  A=Abstract and Inferential  U=Understanding and Perspective  G=Gestalt Processing (The gist, getting the main idea)  H=Humor and Human Relatedness

9 What to do if you want to make a referral for a “Social Thinking Group”  Contact Abbott & Burkhart Therapy at 805.650.6290  Insurance carrier can be contacted to determine if services will be covered.  If interested please fill out the Social Thinking  Assessment form.  This is an essential component so groupings will be comprised of individuals with similar social thinking/social cognition styles.

10 After Assessments…  Once assessments are compiled and clients are grouped according to social thinking abilities families will be informed and groups will begin.  Depending upon how clients progress will determine if continued groups will be needed or desired.

11 How therapy will been provided…  Groups will have a maximum of 4 participants per one hour session.  Activities will be structured around and based upon the ILAUGH  Model.

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