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Ebbsfleet Development Corporation 23 September Planning and the Environment Committee Wendy Lane Planning Policy Manager.

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1 Ebbsfleet Development Corporation 23 September Planning and the Environment Committee Wendy Lane Planning Policy Manager

2 The Announcement Around 232,000 new homes are required each year up to 2033. In 2013, only 108,190 homes were completed. In order to address the need to speed up housing delivery, the government announced in the 2014 Budget, that it would support a new Garden City at Ebbsfleet for up to 15,000 new homes.

3 The Concept (1) The original Garden City concept was generated by Ebenezer Howard in 1896 as a response to the social problems of the industrial revolution in England’s major cities.

4 The Concept (2) The main characteristics of Garden Cities were that they would: aim for self-sufficiency and accommodate no more than 32,000 people in a healthy env; be built in the countryside, surrounded by agricultural land; allotments, green space and parkland would be characteristic elements; the Government would not be involved in their creation or funding (rather private investment)

5 Welwyn and Letchworth

6 The Principles (TCPA) Land value capture for the benefit of the community; Strong vision, leadership and community engagement; Long term stewardship of assets; Mixed tenure homes and housing types that are genuinely affordable for everyone; A robust range of employment opportunities in the Garden City itself, with a variety of jobs within easy commuting distance of homes; Beautifully and imaginatively designed homes with gardens, combining the very best of town and country living to create healthy homes in vibrant communities; Development which enhances the natural environment; Strong local cultural, recreational and shopping facilities in walkable neighbourhoods; Integrated and accessible transport systems.

7 Ebbsfleet : 21 st Century (1) Ebbsfleet as a 21 st Century Garden City Modern v original concept of a Garden City Ebbsfleet is not a new settlement in a countryside location - urban context surrounded by existing communities Primarily brownfield, rather that greenfield land Ebbsfleet identified for development for a long time with outline consents already in place for substantial development. Development has been slow

8 Ebbsfleet : 21 st Century (2) An Urban Development Corporation answerable to the Government, but with local authority involvement, to drive development in conjunction with the private sector large scale delivery requires strong leadership, a high degree of coordination, skills and expertise a dedicated UDC can bring the focus and governance to coordinate investment and drive delivery up to £200 million to pump prime infrastructure

9 The Site Focused on development sites of: Eastern Quarry (Dartford) Northfleet West Sub-Station (Dartford) Ebbsfleet - Station Quarter North and Station Quarter South in Dartford, plus Northfleet Rise and Springhead in Gravesham. The site of London Paramount’s resort proposals at Swanscombe Peninsula Land in the Northfleet Cement Works Regeneration area and part of the Northfleet Embankment East Regeneration Area (Gravesham).

10 Proposed UDC boundary

11 Urban Development Corp (1) The 1946 New Towns Act gave the government the power to set up development corporations Just as the Garden City concept has evolved, the role of the development corporations has changed, turning to regeneration, most noticeably in the London Docklands, Intend, subject to Parliamentary approval, to have the UDC up and running in the first half of 2015 - planning powers vested 3 months later

12 Urban Development Corp (2) Once formed, the Corporation will have three functions: Planning: the UDC will assume all development management powers (i.e. determining planning applications) –Not London Paramount as NSIP Process Delivery: encompassing strategy formulation, investment and commercial activity. Corporate Services: back office functions.

13 Urban Development Corp (3) Pre-formation governance (due to change) A Senior Delivery Board with representation by the 3 Local Authorities and senior officers from DCLG, HM Treasury, DEFRA and Department for Transport An Officer Working Group and Technical sub-groups including Planning and Infrastructure Delivery Board Appointment of Sir Michael Cassidy as Chairman Designate Board = Representative from each LA plus three others with suitable skills sets

14 Consultation Public consultation 11 August until 6 October supported by local engagement and publicity 4 key areas: –Creation of UDC –Proposed boundary of UDC and sites –Planning powers (not plan-making) –Proposed board with 11 Board members

15 Any questions?

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