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SDN by Evertz IP Without Compromise.

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1 SDN by Evertz IP Without Compromise

2 Traditional Baseband Facility
- Facility today has baseband portion and IT. Two separate systems – broadcast engineer vs network engineer IP at the edges of the system, still baseband in the core

3 Move to IP Facility & SDVN
Software Defined Video Networking: Take advantage of Ethernet infrastructure Distributed routing Pooled resources vs linear paths Remote resource and staffing Efficient use of resources Virtualized assets

4 SDVN Architecture Overview
Overview… Magnum to control all aspects possible

5 SDVN – Key Issues Control must be seamless
Operations should not know the difference Same control surfaces as baseband plant Control panels and GUI’s Functionality and Reliability paramount, i.e. must be as good as baseband Deterministic video paths Cannot tolerate contention Simple to use and maintain

6 SDVN Building Blocks

7 IP Gateways Universal IP edge devices for encapsulating, de-encapsulating, translating: ASI/SD/HD/3G <> IP IP <> IP (Unicast <> Multi-cast translation) FEC (e.g. SMPTE 2022) Hitless switching (SMPTE ) 8/16/24/32 channel high density - modular Multiple 1/10 GE interfaces with redundancy Additional IP Gateways for : Audio: AES, MADI Data: RS232/422

8 IP Gateways Can also be add-on modules for existing baseband Evertz routers Provides easy transition to 10GE/IP for hybrid environment

9 IP Switch Fabric Modular 6RU blades
16/32/64, 1/10 GE Port Configurations (up to 640Gb/s) Baseband Equivalents Uncompressed HD (6 HD per 10GE) 16 Port = 96 x 96 32 Port = 192 x 192 64 Port = 384 x 384 Routing Control - Simple X-Y style SRC >> DST >>TAKE Traditional panel and GUI control Simplify IP Network Channel Delivery

10 EXE-VSR Video Service Router 46Tb/s
2304 ports of 10GigE in 40RU Supports 40G/100G • Fully separated control and data plane • Fully non blocking modular architecture • Active electronics hot swappable from the front • Front to back redundant cooling • Distributed Redundant Controllers

11 High Density Network Address Translation
Where need to manage the address space One-to-one NAT (2048 static mapping) VLAN base NAT (2048 VLAN ID mapping) Port based NAT 4 x 1/10GE interfaces Applications Typically used on the Network edge In-bound firewall Multicast <> Unicast Stream replication

12 Application (Multicast/Unicast NAT)

13 Other Key Building Blocks
Bulk Encoders (Multi-channel J2K) 10GE Multi-Viewers No need to go back to baseband Standard & Advanced AVM monitoring &analysis Universal Encoders/Transcoders (UEP) Any format (H.264/J2K/MPEG-2) IN <> OUT ALL UNDER UNIFIED CONTROL IS KEY

14 SDVN Control Plane

15 Simple Ethernet Interface Configuration
Enable 1/10Ge port

16 Virtual Multicast Sources

17 Simple X-Y Operator Control
Set the cross-point like traditional x-y Video Routers

18 Complete System Monitoring & Control

19 Applications

20 SDVN for Transport

21 SDVN for Production

22 SDVN for Playout

23 Summary – Benefits of SDVN IP Facility
Future-proof facility SD to 4K Scalable Remove physical restrictions of baseband growth High Reliability Utilize device and network redundancy Efficient Workflows Create “services” in a private “cloud” Migrate from linear to non-linear workflow CONTROL IS KEY – MUST BE SIMPLE

24 Thank you

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