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Sedlmeyer Consulting LLC. Fire & Emergency Services

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1 Sedlmeyer Consulting LLC. Fire & Emergency Services
Operational Requirements for Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting Equipment Sedlmeyer Consulting LLC. Fire & Emergency Services Sedlmeyer Consulting LLC © Copyright Leo R. Sedlmeyer CMF MBA All rights reserved.

2 Overview ARFF Operations Foam Testing Requirements.
Problems found throughout the industry. Foam Testing.

3 ARFF Operations Required by Part 139 for carrier operations
Must be in full operational condition for the flying public Documentation is paramount. Partnership between ARFF and Maintenance

4 Foam Testing Requirements
NFPA 412 Standard for Evaluating Foam Fire Fighting Equipment on Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting Vehicles. NFPA 412 page 412-5, States Two different methods of testing. Method A is for a refractometer or conductivity meter. Advisory Circular 150/ C pages 29 – 32 illustrates the performance requirements for both foam and dry chemical.

5 Problems Throughout the Industry
Foam Too Rich Foam Too Lean Valve failure Air Line failure Dry Chemical system failure.

6 Problems Throughout the Industry: Foam Too Rich
Wastes foam Reduces fire fighting capability. Costs will increase.

7 Cost of Rich Foam Cost of Foam Foam Production Replacement Cost
Proper metering $20.00 66 gallons $1,320.00 Improper metering 200 gallons $4,000.00 Variance 134 gallons $2,680.00

8 Problems Throughout the Industry: Too Lean
Ineffective foam blanket not meeting Advisory Circular Standards. Safety issue for ARFF personnel and passengers. Underlying vehicle problems.

9 Good Foam Blanket Provide an acceptable expansion ratio.
Provides proper fire protection.

10 Problems Throughout the Industry: Valve Failure

11 Problems Throughout the Industry: Valve Failure Results
Inoperability of the vehicle. Reduction of ARFF Index Requirements. Replacement Vehicle. Increased maintenance costs.


13 Proper Maintenance

14 Problems Throughout the Industry: Dry Chemical Failure/Air Line Failure
Moisture in agent tank Clogged hose lines. Caking of agent from lack of use. Air Actuator/Line failure.


16 Foam Testing Began as a project for the AAAE CMF process in the fall of 2000. Assistance from a physics professor at The Ohio State University and The Cincinnati Northern Kentucky Airport Fire Dept.

17 Foam Testing Annual expansion, drain and distance testing.
Combination of the expansion, drain and conductivity readings monthly. The distance testing annual.

18 History of Conductivity Testing
The founding father of the measurement of conductivity was a German physicist Friedrich Kohlrausch. The majority of his research focused on how electricity was conducted in solutions. Friedrich Kohlrausch Picture Courtesy of Thomas B. Greenslade Jr.

19 History Discovered the Kohlrausch Law in 1879 on the independence of migrating ions” (Zeiss 2002). Kohlrausch Universal Bridge Picture Courtesy of Thomas B. Greenslade Jr.

20 What is Conductivity ? Definition - Conductivity is the ability of a material to conduct electrical current. Two plates are placed in a sample, the potential is applied across the plates, and the current is measured.

21 Conductivity Meter vs The Refractometer
Different Technologies Conductivity Meter more precise. Refractometer leaves every test up to for different interpretation. Omega CDH-280 Courtesy of Omega Enginering Refractometer

22 Conductivity Meter vs The Refractometer Cont.
Courtesy of Atgo Co. Courtesy of Atgo Co.

23 Tools Needed 1000 ML Graduated Cylinder Distilled Water
Conductivity Meter & Probe Syringes Gram Scale 100 ML Graduated Cylinders Calibration Solution

24 Collecting Samples

25 Involving Shift Personnel Creates:
A better understanding of the operation of foam systems and ARFF vehicles. A sense of ownership of the operation. A team building atmosphere.

26 Deflector Plate Set Up Clear open area to conduct the test.
Secure the deflector plate. Ensure the plate is clean and free of debris.

27 Shooting Foam (Outside)
Position ARFF Vehicle at least 50 – 100 feet away. Activate Foam System Direct stream away from deflector plate for at least 15 to 30 seconds. Then direct stream to the middle of the target and fill the graduated cylinder.


29 Final Steps

30 Future Questions If at any time you have any questions, please feel free to contact me via phone or . Phone (608)


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