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Traffic safety in Sweden Mats Petersson Swedish Road Administration.

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1 Traffic safety in Sweden Mats Petersson Swedish Road Administration

2 History 1997 the Road Traffic Safety Bill founded on "Vision Zero" was passed by a large majority in the Swedish Parliament. This represents an entirely new way of thinking with respect to road traffic safety. Goal The long term goal is that no-one shall be killed or seriously injured within the Swedish road transport system. Vision Zero: a Safe Traffic Concept

3 Vision Zero ≠ Zero Fatalities (At least not only) Vision Zero = 5 dimensions (or more?) for many stakeholders 2.ethical platform 3.shared responsibility philosophy 5.driving forces for change

4 Vision for many stakeholders Traffic safety is a shared responsibility for many stakeholders A joint vision is a powerful tool to focus the work A vision sets out a future desired situation - not a step by step action with no definition of it’s end point

5 Ethical platform Human life and health is paramount Life and health can not, in the long run, be traded against other benefits Mobility is a function of the safety level

6 Shared responsibility Historically main responsibility on the road user In Vision Zero the responsibility is shared between road users and system designers

7 System designers = everyone that influences the design, function and use of the road transport system politicians community planners road managers vehicle manufacturers health sector transport companies and everyone who professionally uses roads and streets police rescue forces and more

8 “Rule of Science” “The biomechanical tolerance of the human is the limiting factor for the road transport system”


10 90 km/h 25 m 60 mph80 feet 110 km/h 43 m 70 mph 130 feet

11 50 km/h 10 m 30 km/h 3 m

12 CENTRE GUARD RAILS On existing 13m wide roads and freeways


14 SAFE ROAD AREAS Design for people leaving the road




18 ROUNDABOUTS Intersection with problems Focus on crashes results in signals Focus on injuries results in roundabouts


20 RIGHT SPEED Vehicles, roads and speeds must match

21 TRAVEL POLICY IN COMPANIES Everyone company has a responsibility to assure safety

22 SAFE TRANSPORTS Everyone buying or selling transports has a responsibility to assure safety

23 Road safety is a management matter More than 25% of all fatal workplace accidents in Sweden are traffic accidents Employers are responsible for minimising the accident risk for employees and safeguarding their health Swedish Work Environment Authority has joined the road safety efforts

24 Other things Speedcameras ISA – speed warning systems i cars Alcoloc in cars Bikelanes Traffic calming And more

25 System designers responsibility An example : What The Swedish Taxi Association High seat belt use Keep speed limits No driving under influence

26 System designers responsibility An example : How The Swedish Taxi Association is prepared to Retrofit of seat belt reminders Average speed measurement using cameras Retrofit of alcohol starter inter-lock

27 Post-office vans Speeding at 50 km/h 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% 90% 100% All > 50 km/h51-60 km/h61-70 km/h71-80 km/hÖver 80 km/h 2003 2004 2005 Källa NTF

28 Traffic safety in Sweden Mats Petersson Swedish Road Administration

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