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B.I. Revolution ► What is B.I. ? ► Who needs it and why? ► Why is B.I. a “revolution” ? ► Where “eZbee” stands ? ► How can it help the average enterprise.

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2 B.I. Revolution ► What is B.I. ? ► Who needs it and why? ► Why is B.I. a “revolution” ? ► Where “eZbee” stands ? ► How can it help the average enterprise ? ► When should I implement a B.I. tool ?

3 What is B.I. ? ► Business Intelligence ideally is a tool that helps stakeholders take decisions ► A decision can be taken either arbitrarily based on a hunch, experience, a hint e.t.c. or it can be calculated. ► Experience can not be inherited ► Algorithms for calculation over fuzzy logic decision making, can be inherited, improved and preserved ► B.I. is a decision making toolkit

4 Who needs B.I. ? Decision Makers

5 Why ? ► Decision Makers are the ones that take the risk and have to identify the opportunity in any decision. The company’s CEO, the sales manager, the financial manager and all managers and owners, take risks. ► Those risks however small, can be minimized further or even -in some cases- eliminated. ► Opportunities can be identified quickly and with great assurance. ► Decisions therefore are optimized.

6 Why is B.I. a revolution ? What constitutes success in business ? What constitutes success in business ? ► Speed to identify the opportunity ► Ability to make correct decisions ► Acting before the competition does

7 Where does eZBee stand ? ► The only tool in the market that has pre-built entities ► Combines characteristics of 4-5 B.I. tools that cost a total of more than U.S.$30k in one solution (Mapping, Charting, What-If scenarios Sales Prediction e.t.c.) that costs less than each one of those tools separately ► Easy implementation, eliminates the extra costs of long consulting hours, debugging and shrinks time-to-market value

8 Customer Requirements ► Maximize profits ► Minimize losses ► Identify opportunities ► Identify drawbacks ► Decide where when and how to act ► Act quicker than competition Customer Satisfaction Quality Value Service

9 Meeting the Needs

10 Cost Analysis ► Inexpensive solution for the average medium customer ► Fast Time-to-Value. Most customers are up and running within a Day of initial implementation. ► No phasing, dangerous data transformation or excessive consulting costs ► Financial benefits for the final customer translate to financial benefits for the distributor

11 Our Strengths PowerfulDetailedParametric Integrated Analytical Flexible Risk-FreeBalancedFast Graphic Standards Easy Pre Customized Risk Free Inexpensive

12 Some of our happy customers

13 eZbee Studio Features eZbee Studio Features ► Creates OLAP Cubes with millions of data ► Publishes the Cubes to the clients ► Creates Budget files ► Designs Dashboards ► Publishes the Dashboards to the clients ► Schedules auto Data refreshing ► Create and Compares budgets

14 eZbee Studio Creates and Publishes eZbee cubes eZbee Cubes can handle millions of data supporting Drill down – up function eZbee DashBoards are being derived from eZbee cubes displaying data snapshots

15 Main Features of an OLAP Cube:  Provides extended set of analytical and statistical functions  No multidimensional database (OLAP) server needed  Supports bound and unbound modes through ADO.NET connections  Supports data loading from arbitrary data sources, with automatic adaptation  Interactive data filtering, pivoting, drill-down and roll-up operations  Fast OLAP aggregation and pivoting.  Pivoting of hundreds of thousands data points in a fraction of second  Minimum hardware requirements  Support of up to 127 dimensions and 254 facts

16 eZbee Studio designs Dashboards which offers instant snapshots of key performance indicators (KPIs), such as new sales orders, commissions, support cases and forecasts. With the Real-time Dashboard, you spend your time analyzing and acting on crucial data—not gathering it. As a result, you can accelerate and improve your business decisions.

17 eZbee Analyzer is an easy to use intuitive dashboard for decision makers who need a quick snapshot of key information with the ability to drill to detail. Data are designed for the non-technical decision maker who needs fast and easy access to key information anytime, with easy training and easy installation.

18 eZbee Analyzer access real-time reports and snapshots on dashboards and lets you make smarter, better-informed business decisions. Snapshots motivate employees, especially sales representatives, by giving them visual forecasts and accurate pipeline data. You can customize reports as needed, modifying each dashboard according to your unique business model, or vertical industry.

19  Users can access either graphical elements, such as graphs and charts, or ranking lists. For more detailed information, users can drill down into the data.  With over 50 pre-defined dashboards and snapshots available, users can access diverse data such as top-selling sales representatives, number of customers in the pipeline, open opportunities, or the number of leads attributed to a single lead source.  Drag-and-drop capabilities mean that users can organize data the way they want.  The sales management lets managers view the sales hierarchy, forecast sales by teams, or compare actual sales to quotas. You can break down and roll up at the individual rep and team levels.  Any report snapshot can be customized. You can customize the underlying report—changing fields and filters, for example—and then, publish the customized reports as an Executive Dashboard snapshot.  Users can publish dashboards to other users.

20  Users can make “what if scenarios” which affect actual data, simulating various situations, by just simply turning graphical elements, such as knobs and sliders.  For more detailed information, users can drill down into the data. What if senarios

21 Time Series Analysis has two main goals: i.Identifying the nature of a sequence of observations. ii.Predicting future values using historical observations (also known as forecasting ). Users can discover “Sales Trend” through the daily actual data and define more précised “Sales Forecasting”. In Time Series analysis the data consists of a systematic pattern, and also of random noise that makes the pattern difficult to be identified. The eZbee time series analysis use filtering to remove the data noise and discover hidden patterns.

22 Map Statistical Analysis Dashboard Map provides a level of visualization that goes far beyond what can be achieved with a data table or graph. EZbee mapping component enhances the dashboards by displaying (and customizing) a wide variety of maps, making your geographic data far easier to read and interpret. Particularly:  The perfect way for sales or marketing reports, showing population details, density of Sales,  profit, office locations, etc.,  Visualizes data via color-coded shapes and in addition, predefined map element properties can bind to data (e.g., color, border, other visual properties)  Provides mouse panning and mouse zooming  Offers standard projections: orthographic, diagram (Cartesian), equirectangular, Mercator

23 Predefined customizable General Ledger Balance Sheet with CY versus PY account results and Global Exploitation.


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