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2 Contents Reporting and Query tools and Applications
Tool Categories The Need for Applications Cognos Impromptu Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) Need –Multidimensional Data Model OLAP Guidelines Multidimensional versus Multirelational OLAP Categories of Tools OLAP Tools and the Internet

3 Reporting and Query Tools and Applications
Tool Categories Reporting Tools Managed Query Tools Executive Information System Tools OLAP Tools Data Mining Tools The Need for Applications Cognos Impromtu Applications PowerBuilder Forte Information Builder

4 Reporting Tools Production Reporting Tools Desktop Report Writers
Let companies generate regular operational reports Support high volume batch jobs Calculating and Printing Paychecks(3GL) COBOL, Information Builders, Inc.’s Focus(4GL) MITI’s SQR(High-end Client/Server Tools) Desktop Report Writers Let users design and run reports Graphical Interfaces and Built-in charting functions Crystal Reports, Actuate Reporting System, IQ objects

5 Managed Query Tools Shield end users from the complexities of SQL and database structures Meta layer Support asynchronous query execution Integrate with web servers Embed OLAP and Data Mining Features

6 Executive Information System Tools
Predate report writers and managed query tools First deployed on Mainframes Allow to build customized, graphical decision support applications Gives managers and executives a high level view of business and access to external sources Eg: Pilot Software, Forest and Trees, Comshare, Oracle’s Express Analyzer

7 OLAP Tools Provide and intuitive way to view corporate data
Aggregate data along common business objects Users can drill down, across, or up levels in each dimension

8 Data Mining Tools User variety of statistical and artificial-intelligence algorithms Analyze the correlation of variables in the data and ferret out interesting patterns and relationships to investigate Example IBM’s Intelligent Miner DataMind Pilot’s Discovery Server Offers simple UI’s – plug in directly to existing OLAP

9 The Need for Applications
Access Types to the data Simple tabular from reporting Ad hoc user-specified queries Predefined repeatable queries Complex queries Ranking Multivariable analysis Time series analysis Data visualization, graphing, charting, and pivoting Complex textual search Statistical analysis

10 Cognos Impromptu Overview The impromptu Information Catalog
Object-oriented architecture Reporting Impromptu Request Server Supported Databases

11 Cognos Impromtu: Overview
Enterprise solution for interactive database reporting Object oriented architecture Ensures control and administrative consistency across all users and reports GUI Database reporting tool Supports single user reporting / multi users reporting

12 Cognos Impromtu: Information Catalog
LAN based repository of business knowledge and data access rules Insulates users from db technical aspects Protects database Presents the database in a easy way Administrators are free to organize database items

13 Cognos Impromtu: OO Architecture
Drives inheritance based administration and distributed catalogs Governors Activities of Governors Query activity Processing location Database connections Reporting permissions User profiles Client/Server Balancing Database Transactions Security by value Filed and table security

14 Cognos Impromtu: Reporting
Picklists and prompts Custom templates Exception reporting Conditional filters Conditional highlighting Conditional display Interactive reporting Frames List frame Form frame Cross-tab frame Chart frame Text Frame Picture Frame OLE Frame

15 Cognos Impromtu: Request Server
Allows client to off-load the query process to the server Scheduling regular and recurring standard reports Reducing network traffic Runs on HP/UX 9.X, IBM AIX 4.X, Sun Solaris 2.4 Support data maintain in ORACLE 7.x and SYBASE System 10/11

16 On-Line Analytical Processing(OLAP)(1)
Need for OLAP Multidimensional Data Model OLAP Guidelines Multidimensional versus Multirelational OLAP Categorization of OLAP Tools MOLAP ROLAP Managed Query Environment(MQE)

17 On-Line Analytical Processing(OLAP)(2)
State of the Market Cognos PowerPlay IBI FOCUS Fusion Pilot Software OLAP Tools and the Internet



20 Multidimensional Data Model
Viewing data as in a cube

21 OLAP Guidelines Multidimensional conceptual view Transparency
Accessibility Consistent reporting performance Client/server architecture Generic dimensionality Dynamic sparse matrix handling Multiuser support Unrestricted cross-dimensional operations

22 Categorization of OLAP Tools



25 State of the Market Cognos PowerPlay IBI FOCUS Fusion Pilot Software

26 OLAP Tools and the Internet

27 END


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