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Golden Huaraz 4Days & 03Nights. Day 01: “Huaylas alley” Reception in the bus station. Transfer to the chosen hotel, breakfast, excursion to the “Huaylas.

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1 Golden Huaraz 4Days & 03Nights

2 Day 01: “Huaylas alley” Reception in the bus station. Transfer to the chosen hotel, breakfast, excursion to the “Huaylas alley”, where will visit the wonderfull landscapes of the city of “Carhuaz”, “Yungay”, the “Caraz”, Cementery and Lagoon of Llanganuco. Lunch in “Caraz” In the evening it visits the Town of “Tarikà” Craftsmen, where you will observe, with a little luck, to the craftsmen making their arts. And you will be able to acquire exclusive memories of the zone.

3 Yungay 58 km / 36 miles north of Huaraz (45 minutes by car) Built at the foot of MountHuascaran, Yungay was completely reconstructed after the avalanche of 1970 that buried the entire city. The new settlement is located 1.5 kilometers (1 mile) away from the original site. Yungay is the starting point to the LlanganucoLakes route. Carhuás(2645 masl / 8676 fasl) Carhuás 35 km / 22 miles north of Huarás (30 minutes by car) It maintains a traditional spirit and a mixed style of the passed eras.The Virgin of the Mercies Sanctuary, which festival is celebrated on 24th September, is located in the Main Square. Caraz (2256 masl / 7400 fasl) 69 km / 43 miles north of Huaraz (1 hour and 30 minutes by car) Here, the charm of the old highland towns is maintained. The countryside is full of a great variety of flowers, especially carnations, which are sent to national and international markets.

4 Llanganuco Lakes (3800 masl / 12.464 fasl) 25 km / 16 miles northeast of Yungay (45 minutes by car) The lakes, Chinancocha and Orconcocha, are situated within the HuascaranNational Park and are fed by the melting snows of mounts Huascaran, Huandoy, Pisco, Yanapaccha, and Chopicalqui. The ChinancochaLake or “female lake” is practically at the foot of MountHuascaran, and it is characterize by the intense green turquoise color of its waters and the thick queñua forests that grow on its shores. The other smaller lake, called Orconcocha or “male lake”, is located at the end of the glacier valley, and its waters are light blue. MountHuascaran (6768 masl / 22.199 fasl) 21 km / 13 miles southeast of Yungay (1 hour by car), you arrive at Musho and from there you start a 4-hour hike to the base camp. Then, it is a 2-hour climb to the Raimondi glacier. It is the highest mountain in Peru. For those who want to ascend Huascaran, the expedition lasts six to seven days. The Raimondi glacier works as an acclimation zone and a base camp to scale the north and south peaks.

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9 Day 0 2. Chavín De Huantar archeological Complex Breakfast Excursion at Chavín de Huantar Archeological Complex: main square, “lanzon monolítico”, “cabezas clavas”etcetera We also going to visit, “Querococha” lagoon, “Maki” mount, “Cahuish” tunnel. Lunch

10 Chavin de Huantar Archeological Complex 109 km / 68 miles south of Huaraz (3 hours and 30 minutes by car) It was built around 1200 B.C. and discovered by Julio C. Tello in 1919. UNESCO placed it on the World Cultural Heritage List in 1985. The complex includes ceremonial rooms and pyramidal structures built of massive stone blocks. The OldTemple has a group of subterranean galleries that open an access way to the Room of the Lanzon, an impressive stone knife-like sculpture. This sculpture is 4.5-meter high (15 feet) and has been carefully carved with feline, bird and snake patterns, characteristic of the Chavin iconography. Chavin Archeological Complex Exposition Hall Telephone: (043) 45-4042. Visiting hours: Mon. – Sun. 9:00 A.M. – 5:00 P.M. It shows a varied collection of textiles, ceramic and stone pieces belonging to different pre-Inca cultures such as Chavin, Huaras White on Red, Recuay, and Wari.

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12 Crédito: Wilfredo Loaiza / Promperu “cabezas clavas”

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14 Day 03 : Mount Pastoruri Breakfast Excursion to Pastoruri, visiting: “Pozas Gasificadas”, “Pinturas rupestres”, “ojo de agua de 7 colores”, “rodales de Puya Rayondi” and Trekking by the mount. Lunch in “Catac” Mount Pastoruri 70 km / 43 miles south of Huaraz (3 hours by car) Along the route to the snowcapped peak, you can see PatocochaLake, some specimens of the Puyas Raimondi, and the Pumapashimi Spring. This snowy mountain reaches 5240 masl (17.187 fasl), but its glacier base is easy to get to and the lower ice patch is found at 5025 masl (16.482 fasl). The peak is part of the main high mountain tourist circuits of the Callejon de Huaylas. You can practice snowboard, ski and ice climbing there.

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16 Day 04: City Tour - Monterrey hot springs Breakfast City tour Monterrey hot springs Tipycal lunch Transfer from the hotel to the bus station to go back to lima

17 Program Include. Transfers in Huaraz 03 nights of lodging breakfast Tour 04 lunch Customized attention from part of the Agency. Official tourism guide

18 Prices of the Program Hotel1person2persons3persons El Tumi 2*$114,00$111,00$109,00 Santa Rosa 2*$124,00$113,00$112,00 El tumi 3*$141,00$136,00$134,00 Real Hotel Huascarán 3*$210,00$169,00$157,00 Andino Club Hotel 3*$318,00$228,00$212,00 No refunds for cancellation or not showing up, because those prices are on special Make the reserve with the cancellation of the program Prices cash only. Consults us our credit card rates. Contac us : Price by person Rates in $ american dólar Rates can change without previous warning. Program doesnt includes round trip bus tikets. Consult our prices Not including insurance to the traveller - it consults our tariffs

19 ALTITUDE Capital: Huarás (3091 masl / 10.138 fasl) Lowest point: 4 masl / 13 fasl (Chimbote) Highest point: 3910 masl / 12.824 fasl (Shilla) CLIMATE The city of Huarás has dry and moderate weather with an average maximum temperature of 24ºC (75ºF) and minimum of 7ºC (44ºF). The rainy season starts in October and ends in March. ACCESS ROUTES By land: Lima – Pativilca – Huarás: 400 km (249 miles) / 6 hours by car on an asphalt road Department of Perú where this program is made.

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