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The Quality Company - Worldwide SOUTH WEST WASTE MINIMISATION GROUP 3 RD JUNE 2009.

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1 The Quality Company - Worldwide SOUTH WEST WASTE MINIMISATION GROUP 3 RD JUNE 2009

2 The Quality Company - Worldwide Huber are Filtration Engineers specialising in Liquid/Solid separation. We make Screens and screening compactors for liquid/solid flows Grit traps and grit washers Fine screens for polishing effluents Sludge Thickeners Dryers for slurries Effluent Treatment plant Aeration plant Membrane filters Bio reactors Clarification equipment Huber Technology UK Chippenham

3 The Quality Company - Worldwide Sewage Treatment Water works Paper Industry Chemical Industry Anaerobic Digestate conditioning Compost Liquid screens Food, Dairy and Beverage Industries Industrial Effluent Treatment Product screening Gully waste and Road sweepings Textile and Leather Industry APPLICATIONS

4 The Quality Company - Worldwide Huber’s main plant is in Bavaria where the basic equipment is manufactured. €14 Million Euro Investment. Production Area: 32000 m 2 Stock Area: 8,000 m 2. 750 Employees World-wide 70 UK Staff who customise the equipment by adding ancillary equipment, customer enhancement and control gear Stainless Steel consumption of 3,300 T/A.

5 The Quality Company - Worldwide Waste or Resource the Industrial perception is changing Many materials previously thought of as waste are now considered as a resource. Consent standards are tightening up, disposal costs to sewer are increasing. Landfill is becoming scarcer and landfill taxes are rising. Green issues, social ethics and carbon footprint are becoming important. Legislation on disposal is getting tighter and fines for breaches of EA requirements higher. Some Resources are becoming scarcer hence costs are rising

6 The Quality Company - Worldwide Screens for solid removal Reducing ongoing costs Cleaning when required reducing power Efficient slow rotation reducing power requirements and maintenance. Washing when required reducing water use Screenings washing to reduce odour note totally enclosed solids removal. Compaction by the auger reducing screenings volume Stainless construction prolonging life and reducing maintenance

7 The Quality Company - Worldwide Huber Containerised Inlet Sewage Works System for complete preliminary mechanical wastewater treatment Screening, removal, washing, dewatering, with grit and grease removal in one unit Covered design to limit odours Low Carbon footprint Compact design

8 The Quality Company - Worldwide Biological waste treatment process water treatment After screening and de-gritting the liquid can be further treated with a DAF flotation plant incl. chemical step and so a large amount of the contained solids materials can be removed. BOD and COD reduction reduces the discharge cost, improves the environment, and allows reuse.

9 The Quality Company - Worldwide permeate outlet, additional pump or hydrostatic submersion VRM membrane module scouring air inlet Membrane Filtration HUBER VRM ® Bioreactor

10 The Quality Company - Worldwide SLUDGE TREATMENT Sludges come from settlement Huber with chemistry and mechanics thicken the slurry and remove some water By Thermally drying the sludge is reduced to a pellet and water evaporated away

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