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Steve White Urban Water Council US Conference of Mayors

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1 Steve White Urban Water Council US Conference of Mayors
Developing a Strategy for Implementing “MOM’S” Plans: A KHAFRA Engineering Perspective Steve White Urban Water Council US Conference of Mayors

2 Agenda Background Information What is “MOM” (or cMOM)?
Impacts of its Components on Maintenance Operations Lessons Learned from Implementation Mitigating Impacts on Human & Material Resources Performance Indicators for Measuring Success Pitfalls of Multiple & Non-linking Databases Benefits of internal Reviews of MOM Program

3 Background Information
1999 – First Amended Consent Decree (SSOs) Required MOM (Management Operation Maintenance) program with many components Each component prepared separately

4 Atlanta’s System Includes Combined & Separate Sewers
Combined Sewer Area 19 sq. mi. 1532 miles of separate sewers I-20 294 miles of combined sewers Separate Sewer Area >80 sq. mi.

5 1998 Consent Decree (CSO) 9 Minimum Controls
No more than 4 overflows per year 2 CSO facilities to be eliminated 27% of Combined Sewers to be separated

6 1999 First Amended Consent Decree (SSO)
Capital Improvement Program - WRCs & Separate Sewers Management, Operation & Maintenance (a.k.a. “MOM” or “cMOM”) Program

7 What is cMOM?!? Capacity Assurance Management Operation Maintenance

8 cMOM Touches All Aspects of a Collection System Owner’s Operation
Audits Rehabilitation Notification Equipment & Tools Capacity Assurance O&M Management Personnel cMOM SSES Engineering/Modeling Spill Response Public Relations Legal W.Q. Monitoring GIS/MIS Financial

9 Impacts on Maintenance Operations
Components of MOMs: Maintenance Management System Plan Emergency Response Plan Grease Management Program Capacity Certification Program Collection & Transmission Systems Contingency Sewer Survey Evaluation System Safety Training Short-term Operation Plan GIS

10 Maintenance Management System Plan
Umbrella Coverage for all other components Supports implementation of Capacity Certification Program and Emergency Response Plan Sewer System Evaluation Survey (SSES) uses CCTV of sewer lines Reduction of inflow & infiltration through point repairs, pipe lining, manhole replacements, and more

11 Emergency Response Plan
Resources to respond to emergencies Reduce impact on scheduled maintenance Reduce state/federal fines

12 Grease Management Program
Grease causes SSOs and CSOs Inspect and clean problematic sewers Determining Sources Interceptors Restaurants/Hospitality Industry Grease Trap Program and Permits

13 Capacity Certification Program
Undersized sewers and wet weather Allows Agency to determine capacity before new developments are constructed Land use Plans/Zoning Controlled Growth/Development

14 Lessons Learned Mission Managing Resources Integration of all plans
Labor Equipment Integration of all plans Organization

15 Performance Indicators for Measuring Success
Sewer Cleaning and Debris Removal Sewer Rehabilitation Internal sewer inspection Grease Management & Wastewater Discharge Permits Reduction of spills Reduction of volume spilled

16 Performance Indicators—Measuring Success Miles of Sewer Cleaned

17 Sewer Cleaning & Debris Removal

18 Sewer Rehabilitation

19 Internal Sewer Inspection

20 Performance Indicators—Measuring Success Grease Management & Wastewater Discharge Permits

21 Beginning of a downward trend?
Reduction of Spills Beginning of a downward trend?

22 Reduction of Spill Volume
Insufficient data to determine trend…

23 Assessing Impacts on Human & Material Resources
Labor Demands Maintenance Management System Plan Inspections SSO Response and Reporting Training the Trainer Training Sewer Cleaning

24 Pitfalls of Developing Multiple Databases
“Information Is POWER” Shortcomings in Databases: Not readily accessible Are intended to stand alone Nonconforming to standards of owner THEREFORE: Inherent power and value are diminished

25 Requirements for Data Collection and Management
Realistically, the volume of data makes management necessary

26 Related Agency Database Examples
Geographic Information System (GIS) SSO Tracking & Regulatory/City Management Reporting Hansen Information Management System Grease Management/Permitting Administration Personnel Training, Tracking, and Scheduling Among Others…

27 Database Issues Parallel or Overlapping Databases
Data Quality across all Databases Database Maintenance Adhering to IT standards (QA/QC)

28 Internal Reviews of MOM Program
To Determine the Progress of Implementation Milestones of Consent Decree Avoid Penalties

29 Internal Reviews of MOM Program
Reviewing: Consent Decree requirements Reports, records, & databases Procedures, flow of Information, and Communications Interviewing City Staff Assessing Resource requirements Performance indicators Conducting Site Inspections

30 Internal Review Conclusions
Discourage developing separate databases Form team to develop new and analyze existing QA/QC policies Adhere to: APPROVED PLANS Performance indicators Consent Decree OPERATIONS DECISION MAKING

31 To Wrap It Up… Recognize positive impacts of components
Adjust to mitigate negative impacts Remember former “lessons learned” Realize new lessons to be learned Understand limitations of resources Respect power of data and information, but efficiently manage databases Take inventory of achievement through: Plan compliance Performance indicators

32 Thank you for your time! THE END

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