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2 Introduction The Winner’s Choice provides additional examples of companies using value disciplines: Operational Excellence - Product Leadership - Customer Intimacy. Operational Excellence: providing customers with reliable products or services at competitive prices. Little inconvenience. Product Leadership: state of the art.

3 Learn From Examples What do we learn from operating models made up of operating processes, business structure, management systems, and culture, all organized to create value at a profit. Different value disciplines demand different operating processes. McDonalds’s customers love consistency, speed, and meal value.

4 Operationally Excellent
Stellar at core processes/product supply. Expedient customer service/demand management. Plus fine tune your structure to empower the people who can make a difference in producing value. You make sure your staff is indoctrinated with your specific definition of success.

5 Product Leaders vs. Customer-Intimacy
Critical processes include invention, product development, and market exploitation See details about this topic in this article. Customer Intimacy companies demonstrate superior aptitude in advisory services and relationship management. Products Leaders: Johnson & Johnson Customer Leaders: Home Depot.

6 Product Leaders vs. Customer-Intimacy
Companies that exceed in the same disciplines have remarkably similar operating models. Management systems, business structures and the culture of product leaders look alike. The similarities end. Homogeneity exists only among leaders in the same value discipline.

7 Operational Excellence
Operationally excellent companies deliver a combination of quality, price, and ease of purchases that no one else in their market can match. Remember they are not product or service innovators and they are not known for their one-to-one relationships with customers. They execute exceptionally and guarantee low price and/or hassle-free service to their customers.

8 Check Out Price Operational Excellence Example
Club store with only 3,500 items compared to 50,000 in competitors. As a customer Price/Costco evaluates leading brands and best values for customers and makes the decision for you. New items are added that meet the criteria. This keeps you coming back. Follows an operating model buying larger quantities and negotiate better prices, carrying items that sell well. They have good tracking systems on products. They optimize floor space and the organization operates well.

9 Operational Excellence
Focused on the delivery system outsmarting Compaq and IBM. Outperformed PC computer dealers by selling to customers directly and by building to order rather than carrying a large inventory. Integrated company’s logistics with its suppliers. Undercut Compaq and other PCs in price while providing high quality products and services. Check out the following examples- GE-Direct Connect. Summarize the lessons on Product Leadership from Johnson & Johnson. How is the operating model of Product leaders different? Describe the Customer Intimacy model practiced by IBM & Cable and Wireless. Why Choose? You can’t be all 3- SUMMARY CHOOSING A DISCIPLINE FOR YOUR BUSINESS IS THE CHOICE OF WINNERS. QUESTION….. HOW WOULD YOU EVALUATE YOUR INTERNSHIP COMPANY IN TERMS OF THEIR CHOICE OF DISCIPLINE…ARE THEY ARE MARKET LEADER…. IF NOT WHAT DO THEY NEED TO DO. DISCUSS THIS WITH YOUR DIRECT SUPERVISOR.

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