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Amy’s trip to Mexico for Surgery. Leaving Miami, FL.

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1 Amy’s trip to Mexico for Surgery

2 Leaving Miami, FL

3 Sunrise in Miami

4 On the way to Eagle Pass, TX

5 Crossing the Border

6 Holiday Inn Express Eagle Pass

7 Night Before Surgery Moderno Restaurant

8 Dr. Alvarez’s Office

9 Ready for Surgery

10 On my way to the OR The Team Dr. Alvarez Dr. Prieto (Anesthesiologist) Dr. Rodriguez

11 Ready to leave the Hosptial With Dr. Alvarez With Rosie our Driver With the wonderful Nurses

12 La Quinta Inn

13 Going back home!

14 Testimonial My Whole Mexico experience went beyond my expectations! Let me start of by saying everything is so well coordinated from Rosie picking us up at the Airport to the Hotel Stays And the operation, to the day we leave. Dr Alvarez is such a Amazing surgeon and wonderful person, its incredible how he makes you feel at ease once to get to talk to him in his office. My Mom and I felt so confident in him. He comes and visits you a lot after surgery. You can be confident in what he says is exactly how it is going to be, for example, I had a bit of a sore throat after surgery and he said he was going to give me some anti inflammatory meds for that and in 48 hours it will be back to normal and sure enough that’s exactly how it went. He does all the possible to make you and your guest feel comfy. I have never met a doctor quite like him. Yes, The hospital is a older hospital with old style ways but very clean, and the nurses take very good care of you. and when we where there, they were constructing 4 new suites just for his patients I am pretty sure they are going to be great! I am so very happy I chose Dr Alvarez to perform my V.S.G.

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