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Seeing a doctor Hospital Facilities ward Registration office.

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2 Seeing a doctor

3 Hospital Facilities ward

4 Registration office

5 Waiting room

6 laboratory

7 Emergency room

8 dispensary

9 Consulting room

10 out-patient department

11 in-patient department

12 Service counter

13 Operation room

14 ambulance

15 More words Medical 内科 surgical 外科 Physician 内科医生 surgeon 外科医生 Hospital 医院 clinic 医务室 Nurse 护士 dentist 牙医

16 Making an appointment

17 Conversation A A: Good morning. This is Doctor Jones’s clinic. Can I help you? B: Yes. I’d like to make an appointment with the doctor. A: Doctor Jones’s schedule is full till Thursday. B: Then, can you make it Friday for me? A: Of course. So long as you can wait.

18 Conversation B A: Good morning. This is Doctor Lee’s B: My husband wants to see the dentist now. A: I’m sorry. The doctor is busy with five patients in the morning. Can you wait till the afternoon. B: I can, but I’m afraid my husband can’t A: What’s his trouble? B: Well. It seems that two of his teeth are trying to kill him.

19 Useful expressions Dr. Johnson is fully engaged today. 约翰逊大夫今天已经排满了。 Anytime this week except Wednesday will be all right for me. 本周除了星期三以外其他时间都行。 Would 2:00 tomorrow afternoon be convenient for you? 明天下午两点您方便吗? That suits me perfectly. 这个时间对我来说十分合适。 Would you schedule the diagnosis as early as possible? 能把诊断的时间安排得尽量早一些好吗? Can you spare me a few minutes this afternoon? 今天下午你能抽出点时间吗? Dr. Johnson will be expecting you at 9:00 a. m. in his office. 约翰逊大夫早上九点将在他的办公室等你。 Can you make it any other time the day after tomorrow? 你能把它安排在后天的另外一个时间吗? As the appointment book indicates, Dr. Johnson will be free only on the morning of the 5th. 从预约簿来看,约翰逊大夫只有在 10 号上午有空。 I wonder if I could come to see Dr. Johnson this afternoon. 今天下午我能来找约翰逊大夫看病吗?

20 In the hospital 1. different symptoms 2. doctor’s advice 3. dialogues between doctor and patient 4. sick leave note

21 c g im albf dj he 1a

22 Mark/have a stomachache Lu Bin/ have a headache Li Fang / have a cold Mary / have a sore throat Tom/ have a fever nurse/take one’s temperature People’s Hospital( 人民医院)

23 He has a cold. (He catches a cold.) What’s the matter?

24 She has a toothache. What’s the matter?

25 He has a headache. What’s the matter?

26 She has a fever. What’s the matter?

27 She has a sore throat.

28 What’s the matter? He has a stomachache.

29 What’s the matter? He has a sore back.

30 Pairwork: A: What’s the matter? B: I have a sore throat.

31 A: What’s the matter? B:I have a … ( 请加上你个性化的动作 ) He/She has a… 1c

32 should What’s the matter?

33 Advice A: I have a toothache. A: I have a stomachache. B: You should ______________ You should not ____________________ B: You should _____________ You should take some __________ and eat___________( 清淡的饭菜) tablets Light meals eat too much sweet food See a dentist Lie down and rest

34 What’s the matter with her? She has a cold. What should she do? She should _______________ __________________ Drink lots of water Take some medicine

35 What’s the matter with her? She has a sore throat. She coughs all day long What should she do? She should ________________and ________________ Take some cough syrup( 糖浆 ) Drink some hot tea with honey

36 1.A: I have a stomachache. B: You should eat a hamburger. ( ) 2. A: She has a sore back. B: She should see a dentist. ( ) 3. A: I’m thirsty. B: You should drink some cold water. ( ) 4. A: He has a headache. B: He shouldn’t go to bed. ( ) 5. A: He’s stressed out. B: Maybe he should talk about his work. ( ) A quack ( 庸医 ) or a good doctor? quack Good doctor quack

37 How to deal with animal bites?

38 How to deal with burns?

39 How to deal with cuts?

40 How to deal with poisoning

41 summary animal bites Wash the wound with cold running water. See a doctor as soon as possible.

42 Cool the area of skin. Wash it under the cold tap. Cover the wound with bandage / clean cloth. See a doctor if necessary. burns

43 cuts Wash the area of cut. Dry it. Cover it with a piece of dry clean cloth. Stop bleeding.

44 poisoning Get him or her to breathe & spit out poison. Call for an ambulance. Search for any poison.

45 What should you do in the following situations? First, … Second, … Third, … Finally, …


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