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Orientation to Veterinary Science

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1 Orientation to Veterinary Science
Mrs. Debbie Swarens, RVT, BS, MA Animal Science 401

2 Medical Terminology Introduction to Word Parts Word Roots Suffixes
Prefixes Parts of Speech Plural Formation

3 This is a word-building system
By using a few word parts, you can build thousands of words. A words have a word root: Trans/port Ex/port Im/port Sup/port The word root is port.

4 More examples: Gastr/itis Suf/fix Gastr/ectomy Pre/fix Gastr/ic Af/fix
The root word is: gastr Suf/fix Pre/fix Af/fix Fix/ation The word root is: fix

5 gastr/ o/ duoden/ ostomy
In the textbook, a slash mark “/” is used to divide words into their word parts: gastr/ o/ duoden/ ostomy Word root combining word root suffix vowel GASTRODUODENOSTOMY

6 COMBINING: MICR O MICR/O + = Word root vowel Combining form GASTR/O
DUODEN/O SCOPY + + = Combining form Suffix Combining form GASTRODUODENOSCOPY Compound word

7 WORD BUILDING: Use a word root, not a combining form, when joining a word root with a suffix or another word root that begins with a vowel: A E I O U + ITIS = DERMAT Word root suffix DERMATITIS

8 Suffixes Micr/o/scope – an instrument to see small things
Micro = small The combining form “micr/o” used with different suffixes: Micr/o/scope – an instrument to see small things Micr/o/surgery – surgery using a microscope Micr/o/meter – device used to measure small things

9 Suffixes Hydro = water The combining form “hydr/o” used with different suffixes: Hydr/o/phobia – fear of water Hydr/o/cele – fluid in a saclike cavity Hydr/o/therapy – treatment using water

10 Parts of Speech Word root: Nouns Adjectives cyan/ anem/ muc/ ili/
condyl/ carp/ Nouns osis ia us um e Adjectives otic ic ous ac ar al

11 Parts of Speech Nouns: Adjectives: Definition cyanosis anemia mucus
ilium condyle carpus Adjectives: cyanotic anemia mucous iliac condylar carpal Definition condition of blueness lack of blood watery substance produced by a membrane upper pelvic bone rounded bony process wrist bone

12 Singular/Plural Singular Suffixes: Plural Suffixes: on ma is nx a us
um ex ix ax Plural Suffixes: a mata es ges ae i ices aces

13 Singular/Plural Singular: spermatozoon ganglion carcinoma lipoma
crisis prognosis Plural: spermatozoa ganglia carcinomata lipomata crises prognoses

14 What’s the Plural Form? protozoan sarcoma diagnosis protozoa sarcomata

15 Singular/Plural Singular: vertebra conjunctiva bacillus bronchus
testis ilium bacterium Plural: vertebrae conjunctivae bacilli bronchi testes ilia bacteria

16 What’s the Plural Form? coccus calcaneum vertex cervix thorax cocci
calcanea vertices cervices thoraces

17 ex- means either “from” or “out from”
Prefix: ex- dis- Word: tension press please ease New Word: extension express displease disease ex- means either “from” or “out from” dis- means “reversal” or “separation”

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