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Lymphatic system and Immunity. Subclavian vein.

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1 Lymphatic system and Immunity

2 Subclavian vein



5 Organs involved


7 The Thymus Figure 14-7(b) Create T-cells Release hormone thymosin to mature T-cells

8 The Spleen Figure 14-8(a) Biggest lymphatic organ Like a large lymph node, but spaces within the spleen is filled with blood instead of lymph. Contains lymphocytes.

9 Body Defense against Infection Body can prevent pathogens from entering the body or destroy pathogens when they enter the body. Types of defense: 1.Non-specific – General and protect against many types of pathogens. Always function the same way. For example: Mechanical barriers – skin, mucous membranes – 1 st Line of defense Chemical barriers (called 2 nd line of defense) Enzymes Tears Salt from sweat Fever Inflammation Interferons – produced in response to viruses or tumor cells Phagocytosis (White blood cells engulfing and ‘eating’ bacteria)


11 2. Specific Defenses = 3 rd line of defense Very precise in targeting specific pathogens with immunity. Antigens T – Cells B - Cells


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