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Invention Convention Timeline List of due dates for 6 th grade Invention Project February 2014.

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1 Invention Convention Timeline List of due dates for 6 th grade Invention Project February 2014

2 Invention Convention Requirements Individual Project Use recyclable materials if possible. The convention will be held on May 2, 2014. Project presentations will include: – Tri-fold board – 50 points – Prototype – Inventor’s log book – 50 points

3 Idea / Problem – 10 points March 3, 2014 – “Intent to Invent”. Submit your invention idea or problem that you are attempting to solve. – Describe how you came up with the idea. – If you don’t have an idea or problem that you have been trying to solve, then interview your family and friends. – Your idea / problem should be something that you could realistically solve.

4 Research – 20 points March 10, 2014 - Research your idea or problem to make sure that it hasn’t already been invented. – If your idea has already been invented, is there a way that you could make the invention better? – The current invention may give you an idea for another invention or lead you to a new idea all together. – Submit a copy of the research that you have found that will allow you to move forward with your invention.

5 Design / Drawing – 20 points March 17, 2013 – Design / drawing of your proposed invention. – A sketch of what your prototype may look like. – Include the possible dimensions of the prototype and materials that may be used in its construction. – Describe the specific features of the prototype.

6 Mock-Up Prototype – 30 points March 31, 2014 – Mock Up Version of Prototype Construct a prototype that is your first version. This version of the prototype will be tested to determine its effectiveness. This version must be working in order to be tested.

7 Testing Phase - 10 points April 1- April 4, 2014 – Testing – your fellow classmates will have a chance to test your mock-up prototype. Students will offer feedback on the effectiveness of the prototype and any suggestions for improvement.

8 Final Prototype – 40 points April 14, 2014 – Final Prototype Due. Incorporating information that you received from the testing phase into your finished product. This prototype should be ready to be marketed for sale. The idea or the problem that you are solving has a solution that is workable using this prototype.

9 Naming and Packaging – 20 points April 21, 2014 – Name and Design packaging for your prototype. How will consumers be introduced to your product. The name is an important selling point. Submit a drawing of your proposed packaging design including materials and pictures. Your prototype will not actually be packaged.

10 The Convention Friday- May 2, 2014 – Tri-fold board – Prototype – Inventor’s Log (50 pts) – your log must include Idea/problem Research that was conducted Your original design Pictures of your mock-up prototype Notes from testing Pictures of construction of the final prototype Naming and packaging ideas

11 Tri-Fold Board Prepare using PowerPoint A written statement of the purpose of the invention and the problem or idea that it solves. (10 pts) A list of materials used (10 pts) A list of all of the steps taken to complete the invention (10pts) Describe the problems that were encountered during the invention process. Include photographs or drawings of all of the attempts that failed. (10pts)

12 Tri – Fold Board Continued Research that was conducted to ensure that the invention does not already exist. Include models that are similar to your idea but NOT the same. You must prove that your idea is ORIGINAL. (10pts) If your invention is too large to be displayed, then a working model of the prototype will be acceptable.

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