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Canada: Past and Present

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1 Canada: Past and Present

2 Why does Quebec want independence?
The French people of Quebec feel they are being discriminated against by the English speaking Canadians and they have a desire to preserve their French language and culture.

3 What conflicts have occurred because of Quebec’s independence movement?
Throughout Quebec’s history there has been a desire by the French for independence. In 1968 the Parti Quebecois was formed that’s main goal is the political, economic, and social sovereignty of the French speaking people of Quebec.

4 Why hasn’t Quebec been granted independence?
The people have voted on the issue ,yet the people of Quebec have voted each time to remain a part of Canada.

5 What changes in Canada could occur if Quebec is granted independence?
government economy currency defense international trade

6 How have the French and English influenced the language of Canada?
The French were the first to capitalize on the lucrative fur trade along the St. Lawrence River. The British followed the French in colonizing Canada. Then the two countries fought over the territory in the French and Indian War. The British won, and it became a colony of Great Britain. Because of the colonization of Canada by both Great Britain and France, the population of Canada is predominantly British and French. 70% speak English and 20% speak French

7 How have the French and English influenced the religion of Canada
How have the French and English influenced the religion of Canada? French(Roman Catholic) and English(Protestant and other Christian faiths)

8 How did Canada gain independence?
Canada gained independence from Great Britain in 1931, but it wasn’t made official until In 1982 Canada gained the right to change its constitution without approval of the United Kingdom through “Peaceful Negotiations”.

9 What does it mean to be a Commonwealth of Nations or a British Commonwealth?
Even though Canada is a sovereign nation, it still chose to be a part of the Commonwealth of Nations which is an organization designed to provide cooperation between 54 nations around the world that were formerly colonies of Great Britain.

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