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Energy of Change It’s takes a major boom to “wow” the kids these days…

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2 Energy of Change It’s takes a major boom to “wow” the kids these days…

3 What is Energy? Energy: –T–T–T–The ability to cause change Think about things that have energy “in them”… All those things can make something DO something! –I–I–I–It’s what causes change in everything! Nothing changes without some energy causing it. Earthquakes, Rain, even human growth is all because of energy.

4 Sun = Lots of Energy!

5 Earths Interior Core Produces Energy: Radio Active Core Either it comes straight from the big bright thingy (sun), or it comes from the radioactive energy of our planet’s core. There is so much heat and pressure in the core that the Iron atoms are constantly breaking apart! This creates LOTS of heat = Energy!!!

6 There are two “types” of energy: Potential: “stored” energy (able or about to do something but isn’t just yet) The “bow” can shoot the arrow but isn’t right now. The boulder can fall but it hasn’t yet Elastic Energy is caused by changing the shape of an object (“stretching”, “bending”, “pulling”, “squishing”) Elastic Gravitational Gravitational Energy is caused by the force of gravity Pulling down on an object while the object is being held up! The ball could fall, but it hasn’t yet! There are two basic examples of Potential Energy:

7 Kinetic energy: Kinetic: Energy of movement Ball falling down = Movement Movement = Kinetic Energy Gravity pulls the liquid down through the hole! This container is full of a red liquid But there is a hole! The motion of the liquid is an example of a substance with Kinetic Energy

8 Potential vs. Kinetic: The Roller Coaster has potential energy at the top of the hill But it has Kinetic energy when it rolls down the hill! The rocket has potential energy when the fuel hasn’t been lit The rocket has Kinetic energy when it’s fuel is lit and it flies through the air Wow! There’s a lot of potential energy in this sucker!

9 Meteor Impact Lab Just look at all these craters of all different sizes! Why do rocks from space cause this much damage?

10 We even have them here on Earth! NASA has predicted that the greatest threat to life on Earth, is from a meteor impact! Use the materials given to you to determine what variables are needed to cause both major and minor damage to Earth…if you finish early, figure out how to save us…

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