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Douglas County Board of Education April 20, 2010.

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1 Douglas County Board of Education April 20, 2010

2 2006 – 2010: 35 TRHS Seniors - Goal: H.R. becomes the first energy city in the world & Gov. Ritter visits TRHS to meet the project seniors - Carole Jennings/Derek Chaney - Seniors have to apply to join - Accept the best and brightest - Challenging assignments that even adults will find hard to do

3 2006-07 Class Year Five Seniors Short Term Vision: Energy city operation that owns and manages a clean tech incubator. Long Term Vision: Empower the Highlands Ranch residents to become energy self reliant by the year 2020.

4 2007-08 Class Year 16 Seniors 1. Clean Tech Energy Incubator 2. Wind Power 3. Solar Power 4. Compressed Natural Gas Fueling Stations 5. Xeriscape Highlands Ranch

5 2008-09 Class Year Nine Seniors 1. Auto Speed Energy Fines 2. Wind Anemometer Tower 3. Hydrogen Home Fuel Cells 4. Amend Colorado Constitution 5. 2,400 H.R. Household Survey

6 2009-10 Class Year Four Seniors Focusing on the two most challenging carry-over projects from last year: 1. Wind Anemometer Tower 2. Amend Colorado Constitution L-R: Mitch Horacek Rachel Gross Cameron Radtke Dray Doddington




10 1. Clean Tech Energy Incubator Design & Financing 2. Wind A nemometer Tower Site Planning & Execution 3. Solar Power Design for Clean Tech Energy Incubator 4. Automobile Compressed Natural Gas Home Fueling Stations Pilot 5. Xeriscape Highlands Ranch for Water Conservation Study 6. Automobile Speeding Ticket Energy Fine Study 7. Hydrogen Home Fuel Cells Research 8. Amend Colorado Constitution to Create Energy Cities 9. 2,400 Highlands Ranch Homeowner Energy City Survey Four Years of Energy City Projects

11 - 35 TRHS seniors have participated in the energy city project - Designed architectural renderings for the clean tech incubator - Assembled an incubator construction cost pro forma and financing package - 17 presentations: HRCA, HRMD, Doug Co. Commissioners, South Metro Chamber, HR Chamber, Xcel Energy board of directors, Young Republicans Group and Ranchview Middle School. - Energy city partners, Burt Automotive and South Metro Chamber formed their own clean tech incubator partnership at Stapleton – from concept to reality - Governor Ritter visited TRHS to meet the energy city research project seniors - Bill Gates sends letter of support Four Years of Accomplishments

12 Energy City Survey Results 59% of the homeowners surveyed are either "Likely" or "Extremely Likely" to support amending the Colorado Constitution to allow a community in Colorado to incorporate as an energy city. 65% of the Highlands Ranch homeowners would vote in favor of forming an energy city that had a clean tech energy incubator. In regards to funding the energy city incubator in Highlands Ranch, over 68% of the survey respondents support a tax increase of at least $5 per month. 63% of the Highlands Ranch households answered “Yes,” if they would like to see Highlands Ranch become the first energy city in the world.

13 TRHS Seniors Worked With… TRHS Seniors Worked With… - Burt Automotive Network - Senators and Legislators acting as lobbyist - Centennial Water & Sanitation - CH2M Hill - Concepts West Architecture - Douglas County School District - Energistic Systems - Ford Motor Company - Governor’s Energy Office - Highlands Ranch Community Association - Highlands Ranch Chamber of Commerce - Invenergy - Merrill Lynch - Metro District of Highlands Ranch - Mountain Ridge Middle School - NREL - Shea Homes - South Metro Denver Chamber of Commerce - Xcel Energy

14 Mitch Horacek, Rachel Gross, Cameron Radtke, Dray Doddington


16 HRMD Board of Directors Meeting

17 Highlands Ranch Chamber of Commerce

18 Douglas County Commissioners

19 Senator Shaffer’s Office


21 1. Erect wind anemometer tower 2. Amend the Colorado Constitution to Allow Formation of Energy Cities Two Goals for 2009-10 Class Year

22 Wind Anemometer Tower Project Project started in 2007 To install an anemometer tower to test winds in the Highlands Ranch area Determine if wind generated power is feasible Working with Douglas County, Shea Properties and other government entities to get proper permits, site location and erect the tower

23 Wind Anemometer Tower Location

24 Device will collect and measure daily wind velocity and directional patterns over a 12 month period Findings will be published in the year 2011 If voters approve energy incubator and wind towers, energy produced will power the incubator and contiguous homes and businesses near incubator Anemometer Project Outcomes

25 P roject started in 2008 Lobbying political leaders at the state capitol Seeking a bipartisan House Bill to let cities achieve an energy city designation Amend the Colorado Constitution Legislator McNulty Senate President Brandon Shaffer

26 Amend the Colorado Constitution Allows any community in Colorado to form an energy city dedicated to one service – energy (products and/or services) Energy city can start their own clean tech for-profit local government enterprise Energy city will attract clean tech businesses to increase employment, foster higher wages and empower the residents to be self sufficient on their energy requirements

27 What Does This Do for Colorado?

28 If Energy City House Bill Passes and Voters Approve Amendment in November Communities across Colorado can vote at community level to incorporate as an energy city If local vote passes, newly formed energy city can begin to develop and market their clean technology energy products and/or services Energy city examples: - Whitewater, CO – Hydro Electric Energy City – they create their own hydro electric power facility to become energy self reliant - Otis, CO – Bio Fuel Energy City - local farmers grow crops to conduct bio fuel research - Highlands Ranch, CO – Clean Tech Incubator Energy City – attract and retain clean tech start-up companies

29 Colorado Energy City Partnerships working together sharing ideas innovation generation empower the residents creates jobs

30 What Does This Do for Highlands Ranch?

31 If Highlands Ranch Approves Energy City what does the clean tech incubator do? Bring Highlands Ranch into clean energy movement on a grand scale Diversifies the local economy Attracts companies to relocate to an energy city local economy – means more jobs Solidifies the local tax base for Douglas County Residents reap the financial rewards – eventually have energy city government payback the residents instead of the residents paying local government

32 Highlands Ranch Clean Tech Incubator

33 November, 2010 – Statewide Colorado ballot amendment – allows communities to start the energy city incorporation voting process if they want to November, 2011 – Highlands Ranch voters decide if they want to form a local energy city June, 2012 – Construction commences to build the 25,000 sq ft clean tech business incubator June, 2013 – Energy incubator opens Colorado Energy City Timeline


35 More Info:

36 Rachel Gross, Cameron Radtke, Mitch Horacek, Dray Doddington Mitch Horacek, Rachel Gross, Cameron Radtke, Dray Doddington

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