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Mirrors Physics Mrs. Coyle.

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1 Mirrors Physics Mrs. Coyle

2 Plane Mirror di=do

3 Plane Mirror

4 Type of Image Virtual Equal in Size Erect (Upright)

5 Spherical (Curved) Mirrors
Concave Convex

6 Concave Mirror(Converging)

7 Concave Mirror

8 Converging Mirror

9 Summary for Concave Mirror
When object is: Beyond C At C Between C and F At F Between F and mirror Image is: Between C and F At C Beyond C No image Virtual image

10 Mirror Equation 1 = 1 + 1 f do di

11 Magnification M= hi = -di ho do

12 Sign Convention do + object is in front of the mirror
di   +   real image, in front of the mirror di    -   virtual image, behind the mirror hi + erect image hi - inverted image f     +   converging (concave) mirrors f     -    diverging (convex) mirrors

13 Convex Mirror (Diverging)

14 Convex Mirror (Diverging)


16 Summary for Convex Mirror
Always: Virtual, reduced, upright image

17 Simulation

18 Problem Find the image distance, height and type for a 5cm object placed 60cm from a concave mirror of focal length of 18cm. Answer: di=25.7cm, hi=-2.14cm, Real, Inverted, Reduced

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