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Erectile Dysfunction Steven Lun The Townsville Hospital JCU

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1 Erectile Dysfunction Steven Lun The Townsville Hospital JCU
Mater Pimlico / Womens & Childrens Ferring Australia Honary Board Member

2 Learning Objectives On completion of this educational activity , participants should be better able to Evaluate specific needs of patients & their expectations of ED treatment Be able to take a sexual history Implement ED treatment strategies

3 Erectile Dysfunction Common Problem
Inability to maintain an erection firm enough to have sexual intercourse 10 % Male population 30 million American men

4 Erectile Dysfunction Significantly associated with
Increased age Diabetes Cardivascular Disease Hypertension Depression Smoking Medications Multifactorial etiology with physical and psychological factors

5 The Past Pre 1980 Pyschogenic Problem

6 The Past 1960 ‘s 1970 ‘s 1980 ‘s - Understanding early surgery Pumps
implants 1980 ‘s - Understanding Injections 1983 Brindley

7 Role of NO & cGMP NO is released cGMP formed
Flaccidity Guanylate Cyclase Erection Nitric Oxide NO is released cGMP formed Lower intracellular calcium Penile smooth muscle relaxation And increased blood flow leads to Erection PDE5 terminates NO/cGMP signaling leading to flaccidity GTP 5’-GMP PDE5 cGMP

8 NO Receptor Diseases with abnormal NO Production Hypertension Obesity
Dyslipidemias Diabetes I and II Heart Failure Atherosclerosis Aging Cigarette smoking

9 1980-90’s Andrology IIEF International Index Erectile function
Sep Shim EHS Sear Pairs Edits QEQ Sex Q NTP tests Dynamic cavernosography Hormonal Testing

10 1990’s Vascular Agents Phosphodiesterase Inhibitors Prostaglandin
Sildenafil Viagra Vardenifil Levitra Tadenafil Cialis Prostaglandin Alprostadil Caverjet

11 The Present Patients are in the drivers seat Trial PDE5 inhibitor
Intracavernosal therapy Referral

12 The Future Newer agents Avanafil Post Radical Prostatectomy Diabetes
Acts 15 min No effect with food

13 Urologists Assess Investigate Appropriate option

14 Vacuum Device Externally applied device mechanically effects penile blood engorgement Cylinder/pump placed over penis creates closed chamber; pump creates vacuum, drawing blood into corpora cavernosa Constrictive elastic ring then placed at base of penis to restrict flow of suctioned blood

15 Vacuum Device Some Advantages Some Disadvantages Non-invasive
Drug free Cost effective Some Disadvantages Cumbersome Unnatural erection Erection is not warm to the touch Bruising/burst blood vessels Penile pain/discomfort Numbness Delayed ejaculation

16 Intracorporeal Injection Therapy
A small needle is used to inject medication directly into the penis. The medication allows blood to flow into the penis creating an erection. Some Advantages Effective erection On-set of erection within 5 to 20 minutes

17 Intracorporeal Injection Therapy
Some Disadvantages Risk of erection lasting 4 hours or more (priapism) Fear of sticking needle in penis Possible bleeding at injection site Requires training Possible pain at injection site Cavernosal fibrosis Poor long-term tolerability

18 Penile Implants An Option For men who have tried other option without success 40 year history High patient and partner satisfaction

19 Satisfaction Rates Overall Patient Satisfaction with ED Treatment

20 Types Penile Prosthesis
One-Piece Non-Inflatable Two-Piece Inflatable Three-Piece Inflatable

21 Three Piece Prosthesis
Some Advantages Totally concealed in body Device is inflated to provide rigidity and deflated for concealment Erection longevity is controllable When deflated, the cylinders are soft and flaccid Expands in girth (all AMS 700® cylinders) and length (AMS 700 LGX ® and Ultrex ® cylinders)

22 Possible Risks Will make latent natural or spontaneous erections as well as other interventional treatment options impossible If an infection occurs, the prosthesis may have to be removed May cause the penis to become shorter, curved or scarred There may be mechanical failures of the prosthesis Urogenital pain (typically associated with healing process )

23 How Well Are We Doing Not that great


25 Physician trends Prescriptions for ED Constant 2007-10
Primary Care Physicians prescribe majority Medicines followed by Urologists Urologists Start twice as many new prescriptions

26 What Are Patients Looking For
PDE5 I – 50 % dissatisfied Cost Product performance Spontaneity

27 What Are Patients Looking For
Preferences depend on Age Duration ED Prior Rx Experience Sexual Dynamics vs Dynamics and frequency sexual relationships Side effects Duration of Action Consistency of response Partner satisfaction

28 An Uncomfortable Situation

29 Has Your Doctor Asked Whether You Have Sexual Difficulties?

30 Barriers to Discussing ED
Physician Discomfort Lack of Knowledge Personal Bias Time constraints Patient Embarrassment Shame Ignorance re normal Cultural beliefs Religious beliefs

31 Impact Of Physician Questioning On Patient Report Of Sexual Complaints
Spontaneous reporting ~ 14% Reporting after Direct Questioning ~ 55%

32 Why Take A Sexual History
Sexual problems may be the harbinger of underlying disease Sexual health is an Unalienable right of every patient Has the potential to improve patient – physician relationship Sexual problems are eminently treatable Important part of setting realistic expectations

33 Principles for Sexual History Taking
Patients prefer clinician to Initiate Adjust language to the individual patient Assure confidentiality Empathetic & normalizing statements Demonstrate lack of embarrassment Cultural Sensitivity Avoid judgement statements & assumptions Avoid ageism Ask the partner if present

34 Sexual Problem Assessment
Phases Affected – Tumescence Ejaculation Orgasm Lifelong vs acquired ( timeline ) Generalized vs situational Sudden vs gradual Distress = Bother Partner based vs self stimulation Rigidity Sustaining capability Nocturnal erections

35 Screening for Sexual Dysfunction
Open ended Style questions “Men with diabetes often suffer from ED” “Are you having any problems with ? “ “Tell me more “ “What do you mean by that “

36 Take Home Messages Sexual history taking is important
Sexual history is not an innate skill Training in this area needs improvement Basic Principles are worth following Practice and comfort development are essential Appropriately taken history can impact upon Patient diagnosis Patient decision making Patient satisfaction

37 Case 1 52 Yr old male executive Enquiring re Vasectomy Complains of ED
BMI 26 Medications Atenolol Nexium What Questions would you ask and would you investigate?

38 Case 2 48 Yr Aircraft maintenance Fitter Complains Impotence 5 years
F Reseal Deseal exposure Complains Impotence 5 years Unable to initiate Tumesence Has Tried Viagra – no benefit Parathesia of feet What questions and investigations would you ask for

39 Case 3 62 Yr old male 75 kg Ex Medical Rep wishing for Cure of his ED
40 year smoker PSA 8 CaP Gleason 7 – Radical Prostatectomy 2 yr previous No Medications Cialis of no benefit What Questions would you ask Any Investigations you would do ?

40 Case 4 48 Yr Salesman c/o Impotence 5 Years
Can initiate Tumesence but soft and premature detumescence Has tried viagra ,Mens Clinic to no avail Wife accusing him of playing around threatening to leave No medications What Questions and Investigations would you ask ?

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