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U.S. Political System Interest Groups. 24%20National%20interest%20or%20interest%20groups%20%20450wb.jpg.

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1 U.S. Political System Interest Groups

2 24%20National%20interest%20or%20interest%20groups%20%20450wb.jpg

3 Functions Organize people Provide for political participation Supply information

4 Types of IG Agriculture Business Labor unions Professional groups Societal groups Caused based groups

5 Types of IG merican_medical_association_logo.png

6 How IG work Participation in electoral process Lobbying Employ legal process Influence PO

7 How they work –Participate –Lobbying Endorse candidates Political action committees Grassroots lobbying$File/cartoon1.jpg

8 –Employ legal process –Influence PO Sue for cause- Brown v Board of ED, Class Action suits -Agent Orange Media Demonstrations & protests orange-10-blk.jpg EChAProtestWithSMACs.jpg

9 IG & Public Good Benefits Criticisms Minority concerns Provide info Financial influence Excess power Campaign reform

10 Limitations Donations Visibility competition

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