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SPECIAL INTEREST SECTORS ‘The primary motivator for choice of holiday destination’

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1 SPECIAL INTEREST SECTORS ‘The primary motivator for choice of holiday destination’

2 Target Special Interest to Increase Visitor Value People will travel overseas for it Product offering & marketing NZ is perceived as being compelling

3 Three Focus Special Interests in Key Markets Offer Biggest Opportunity CountryAUChinaUSAGermUKJapan Walking/hikingXXXXX CyclingXXXX SkiX Fly fishingX GolfXXXX Markets: Australia and USA + China for Golf Tier 1: Cycling Hiking/Walking Golf Tier 2 :Wine

4 Fast Start to Special Interest Activity FY14

5 Special Interest FY14 Delivered Results Increased consideration: – AU cycling +36pts to 95% – China golf +18pts to 89% NZ Golf Open media famil EAV $2.7m ROI 50:1 Visits to SI hub + 95% vs YA

6 Special Interests: ‘Hook’ Activity vs ‘Focus’ for Holiday

7 FY15 US/Europe: Focus on Trade & PR Walking and Cycling agent famil May’15 Focus trade training & product workshops Development collateral with trade partners 2 IMPs for UK & Germany (walking/cycling) Special interests focus content/newsroom throughout year

8 FY15 AU: Focus on Trade & PR IMP focus & Host media to NZ events Cycle Influencer /high impact broadcast leisure cycling messages Product development & targeted co- operative marketing Attendance consumer events Build traffic special interest hubs Pursue golf/premium partnership with Qantas

9 International Reach of 20 editions, 9 languages 18.2 million visits last 12 months (+30%) 2.4 million referrals to industry (+15%) Essential New Zealand mobile app 90,000 downloads 60,000 referrals Growth of Mobile Traffic

10 Your Content Is Still King

11 Lead generation potential Operator 1Operator 2 Year 1 Year 2 Business listing Articles Deals

12 Leveraging the platform Remain timely and topical Images sell Gain competitive advantage with translated content Factor in the mobile experience Think beyond

13 Special Interests Summary and FY15 Focus Summary High value: Stay longer, spend more Key markets: AU and USA (+China golf) Tier 1: Cycling, Walking/Hiking, Golf Tier 2: Wine FY15 Focus Driving shoulder season visitation Use of influencers & IMP files New content / asset development  Opportunity leverage

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