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Skills and Interests Finding the Fit Between the Two Tawfik Saleh, BS, DC, MAOM, LAc.

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1 Skills and Interests Finding the Fit Between the Two Tawfik Saleh, BS, DC, MAOM, LAc

2 About the speaker Dr. Tawfik Saleh Ashaibi is a chiropractor and licensed Acupuncturist. He received his Bachelor degree in biological sciences from CSU Stanislaus with honors. He then attended Southern California University of Health Sciences where he received a Doctorate degree in chiropractic and a Master degree in Acupuncture and oriental medicine. He graduated from both programs suma cum laude and valedictorian. During his studies, Dr. Saleh worked as a tutor and became a faculty where he taught anatomy, physiology to the doctorate and master students. He now owns and operates two clinics in the central valley and the East Bay of California

3 Objectives Define values, skills, interests, hobbies and talents Evaluating skills and interests Family influences Skills  Talents Choosing the “right field” (social, political and economical influences) New interests and skills, Changing fields.

4 Definitions Values: A set of principles that motivate every decision you make. Values originate from a variety of sources, including families, personal experiences, and cultural context. Clarifying your values and understanding how they connect to various work environments will help you identify meaningful work.

5 Definitions Skill: The ability, coming from one's knowledge, practice, aptitude, etc., to do something well Interest: The feeling of a person whose attention, concern, or curiosity is particularly engaged by something: Hobby: An activity or interest pursued for pleasure or relaxation and not as a main occupation: Talent: A capacity for achievement or success

6 Examples Skills Dealing with people Supervising Inspiring, Persuading, Problem solving, Memorizing

7 Examples Interests: Engineering Medicine Community leadership Imam/ Islamic Studies Computers Arts Law

8 Examples Hobbies: Hunting Fishing Socializing, Hiking Golf

9 Evaluating your Skills and interests Defining goals Evaluating weaknesses vs. strengths Evaluating the relationships between skills and interests and hobbies.

10 The big picture Interested in: Helping people feel better Skilled in: Teaching people how to do things Maybe consider one of these jobs: Chiropractor, Therapist, Counselor, Trainer, Nurse, Nutritionist, Teacher Consider narrowing your choices: Helping kids or adults, physical work vs. mental work, employee vs. own business.

11 Evaluating your skills and interests careers/careers-results.shtml?numbers=1 careers/careers-results.shtml?numbers=1

12 Family influences The Parents dream vs. your dream Financial situation: money, house, car Family education Sibling success and failure

13 Skills  Talents Repetition Applications Being interested in improving the skill you have  talent

14 Skills  Talents School Preparing for the lectureAttending the lectureReviewing the materialsApplying the information Teaching it to others ( Study groups, tutoring, Teaching)

15 Skills  Talents Work: Books Workshops Seminars Experienced coworkers What makes you different than others

16 Choosing the right field Easy, fast and less expensive majors Want a degree vs. want to succeed Considering the community needs Evaluate and re-evaluate your skill and interest The future vs. now

17 New interest and skills Changing fields and careers. Internship, advice Continuous re-evaluation of skills and interest Gaining new skills and interest by discovering new opportunities.

18 Final thoughts Love what you do to succeed. Always consider your values when choosing your major and career. Have a positive attitude and find interests in what you do especially if you have limited options to change. Find mentors who are willing to guide you in you educational and professional life. Remember that we should be interested first and foremost in obeying Allah. Never trade your religion and values for anything else you are pursuing.

19 Questions Thank you

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