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Age Well Foundation Bangladesh

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1 Age Well Foundation Bangladesh
Live well, feel well, age well.

2 What is Age Well? need help looking after themselves;
A service provider and manager for people who need care. Age Well would like to reach individuals who need help looking after themselves; are alone, do not have family or reliable persons to depend on have family living abroad who wish to support them through service providers (like Age Well) are frail and elderly, have a physical and/or mental disability and avail of its affordable range of care and services, supporting family and community in helping the frail, chronically and terminally ill.

3 Come together Pool resources Be cared For Stay active Keep well

4 Background Age Well originated with the Elder Support Group in September 2009. Age Well Foundation Bangladesh (Age Well or AW for short) was registered under the Societies Act with the Joint Stock Office of Ministry of Commerce in 2011. As a member of the National Committee on Ageing and Forum for the Rights of the Elderly, AW is involved in policy implementation.

5 Board Age Well is managed by Kaniz Fatema Aziz Naeema Chaudhury Quayes
Joint Secretary Caregiver, Social Worker Naeema Chaudhury Quayes President, Founder Caregiver, Homemaker Development & Social Worker Badrul Mannan Treasurer Caregiver, Biman Engineer Activist for mental health care Zarina Khatun Vice President Social Worker Shama Shamsher Member Caregiver, Teacher ASM Atiqur Rahman General Secretary Caregiver, Professor Social Welfare, DU Anarkali Yusuf

6 Objectives The objectives of Age Well are to
create and manage finance and resources for ageing people ensure that they live with dignity and in safety and comfort; improve the quality of personal, family and professional care; promote elder rights, the foremost being their freedom of choice; and support the care-giving community working with ageing citizens

7 Services Care Centre Current/Short term (Rental) Future/Long term
Guest House Training Venue Meeting Place Current/Short term (Rental) Future/Long term (Investment) Occupational Therapy for the Mentally Ill Professional Training of Case Workers and Care Workers, Supervisors Need Assessment Study, Customized Care, Products Awareness, Policy Implementation

8 Care Centre Parties interested to rent (adjacent, below and above) 3-4 bedroom flats or ground floor space may get in touch with AW. 6-12 or 8-16 tenants are required for every care centre, depending on the rooms available and the nature, level and frequency of therapeutic and nursing care needed. Refer persons who need AW care now. Age Well seeks For Short Term/ Care Centres (3-5 year occupancy) Just like good quality, standard guest houses, hotels or inns, AW seeks to arrange supervised care centres for a tenants from residential areas in Dhaka, including Uttara, Bonani, Gulshan, Dhanmondi, Eskaton. Paribag etc.

9 Standard, Application AW seeks likeminded tenants with similar backgrounds in similar mental and physical condition . Each tenant, (and co-sharer if any) will have a room and attached bathroom to themselves. Living, dinning, kitchen and other functional space will be used for activities/visitors, meals, washing, laundry, storage for common supplies etc. Day to day supervision, feedback and work assessment of office and support staff are key considerations for running the care centre. Advance deposits will have to be made for uninterrupted care and service from AW. AW will sort through and screen applications, interview and meet with family and colleagues of prospective tenants to ensure compatibility and good match of group residency. Applications for a fee are available at phone numbers given in information sheets and with AW board members.

10 Senior Club, Training Centre
The centre will double as a meeting place for Senior Citizens and professional training of a handful of Care Workers, Case Workers and Supervisors. The Elderly can socialize, learn IT, take part in needs assess-ment study, chronicle or record generational contribution, find opportunities to earn income, indulge in cultural and artistic pursuits. Core Age Well staff will reside in the care centre , ensure daily personal care of the tenants and housekeeping. They will be assisted on the job by trainee care workers on shift duty. Both experienced and trainee support staff will be guided by a Nurse Supervisor and Case Worker/Counselor.. Those with mental or physical disability will be under the care of therapeutic specialists as well. AW tenants will take part in regular performance evaluation of care centre employees. Professional Training and Certification Age Well offers professional training and certification in Palliative Care Geriatric Care Care Home Management Care Worker Training Admission Requirements Fees Syllabus Duration of Course Frequency of Lessons Internship Examinations Certification Instructor Jobs (Vacancies) Apprenticeships Internships Voluntary Paid

11 Nurse Trainer Supervisor
Care Centre Organisational Chart Age Well Board of Directors Operations Manager (all projects) Housekeeper, Cook, Cleaner Care Workers Case Worker, Supervisor Therapists: Nutrition Physiotherapist Occupational Nurse Trainer Supervisor

12 Future Security Also in Purbachal Investment Opportunity
25 room Age Well Residential Care Facility at Purbachal with Professional Training Department 24 hr Personal Care and Housekeeping, Room Service and Cafeteria Therapy and Fitness Centre Palliative Care and High Dependency Unit Wellbeing and active ageing programmes Also in Purbachal Partnership with Japan Bangladesh Geriatric Hospital and Evergreen Housing Complex 60 studio apartments for its members and clients, serviced and managed by Age Well Modern amenities and services (bank, pharmacy, shops, fitness, recreation) 24 hr Geriatric, Emergency and ICU Support General Year Round Self Improvement Courses Personal Financial management Better Ageing Practices Family Caregiving Emotional and Social Wellbeing Physical Wellbeing and Health Awareness Life Lessons for Children/ Life Class/ Life Skills Adolescents Single Professionals Couples Middle Aged (Young Old) Health Resort: Wellness centres Care-Accommodation Service Centre: Pooling Resources, Supporting Groups of Senior Citizens Year round Programme/Activities/Courses- Job Opportunities, Shared holidays, Adult Education including understanding of Ageing, Geriatics, Gerontology, Self Improvement Courses, Group Therapies Respite Care Long Term Palliative Care Care Worker Training, Certification, Placement and On the Job Evaluation

13 Age Well- Evergreen JB Complex, Purbachal
Your next destination Age Well- Evergreen JB Complex, Purbachal Thank you!

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