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MI Theory and the Classroom Environment Chapter 7 Armstrong.

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1 MI Theory and the Classroom Environment Chapter 7 Armstrong

2 Creating a Learning Environment Change the paradigm of what a classroom should look like: What is a traditional view? What does a classroom look like through the MI lens? How does a teacher create the “ecology” of a classroom beyond curriculum?

3 Questions Linguistic What is the ratio of teacher talk to student talk? How are students exposed to the written word?

4 Logical/Mathematical Are there opportunities for uninterrupted times of working each day? How is the school day and times structured for optimizing teaching and learning? Is the day chaotic or orderly?

5 Spatial How is the furniture arranged? What does the furniture arrangement tell you about the teacher and methodology? Is the room attractive? Chaotic? Boring? Interesting? Is there a variety? Do the colors stimulate or deaden interest? What is the feeling in the room?

6 Bodily/Kinesthetic Where do students spend most of their time? Sitting at desks or having opportunities to to move around? Do students have healthy snacks? Are there manipulatives available in the classroom?

7 Musical Is there an auditory environment? Soft music at times? Music to signal transition? How is the teacher’s voice? Does it have variety?

8 Interpersonal Is there an atmosphere of trust and caring? Are there procedures to resolve conflict or problems? Do students have opportunity to interact in positive ways on a daily basis?

9 Intrapersonal Do students have opportunities to work individually, self-pace on assignments and have some privacy? Do students have experiences to raise their self-esteem? Do students have the opportunity to share feelings and perceptions? Are students given some autonomy and power in their learning?

10 Naturalist Are students given the opportunity to some of their learning outside on a regular basis? Are there plants in the classroom? Are there any living things in the classroom? Are there windows that look out onto the natural world- sky, trees etc…


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