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W ELCOME TO S ILVER L AKE E LEMENTARY S CHOOL Cyndi Clay, Principal John Camponelli, Assistant Principal.

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1 W ELCOME TO S ILVER L AKE E LEMENTARY S CHOOL Cyndi Clay, Principal John Camponelli, Assistant Principal

2 T HE FIRST SMILING FACES YOU SEE … Mrs. Sheets and Mrs. Wallace – Administrative Assistants

3 T HE FIRST SMILING FACES YOU SEE … Mrs. Hastings – Nurse Mrs. Woodard – Interventionist

4 T HE FIRST SMILING FACES YOU SEE … Mrs. Kananen – Guidance Counselor

5 Our Related Arts Team Mr. Mause ~ TechnologyMr. Trzcinski ~ Physical Education Mrs. McCall ~ ArtMs. Layton ~ Music

6 Mrs. Sheppard ~ Our Reading Specialist Mrs. Klein ~ Our Library-Media Specialist Mrs. Blum ~ Reading Support

7 Special Education Staff Ms. Spence ~ Ms. Lee~ Educational Diagnostician School Psychologist

8 1 ST GRADE L EADERS !! Greeters and Ushers: Justice B. Cameron J. Olivia B. Makyye S. Paul F. Dennis M. Love S. Kylie C. Nick F. Photgraphers: Malachi F. Elizabeth H. Mackenzie W. Andrea R. Tour Guides: Mitchell V. Matthew M. De`Jere J. Gisselle H. Kiera W. Stefan R. Riley Z. Artists: Zuri G. Zyniah W. Jayson R. Aaliyah W. Annhi P.

9 Presenters: Habit 1 ~ Lauren M. Habit 2 ~ Angela R. Habit 3 ~ Austin H. Habit 4 ~ Joshua B. Habit 5 ~ Dominic D. Habit 6 ~ Sydney R. Habit 7 ~ Josiah F.


11 L EADER IN ME Responsibility for actions, attitudes, and learning Goal setting Problem solving Communication skills Leadership opportunities 1. Classroom 2. School wide 3. Special events

12 S AMPLE D AY Homeroom begins @ 8:30 (late after 8:35) Morning Meeting Literacy Block: 90 minutes including phonics, phonemic awareness, reading comprehension and writing- whole group and small group instruction, and independent work Reading RTI: 30 minutes of uninterrupted literacy instruction based on needs Math RTI: 30 minutes of uninterrupted mathematics instruction based on needs

13 S AMPLE D AY Lunch: 30 minutes in the cafeteria Recess: 30 minutes Math: 60 minutes including calendar practice, instruction, math workshops Related Arts: 45 minutes Physical Education, Art, Computers, Music, & Spanish – NEW!! Science/Social Studies: Rotating units: weather, solids and liquids, organisms; geography (maps and globes), economics, “Now and Then”- Colonial Times

14 C OMMON C ORE S TATE S TANDARDS Rigorous High Expectations Our students are meeting, exceeding and demonstrating success!

15 School Communication may be in the form of: Agenda book notes Friday folders Conferences Report cards Phone calls Notes Weekly Alert-Nows Newsletters Emails School website

16 P REPARING FOR FIRST GRADE School supplies Read together Summer reading project Read together Working cooperatively Read Together Sight words Read together Math skills Read together Writing journal

17 C LASSROOMS Traditional: In this type of classroom, you will find grade level peers of mixed abilities supported by one teacher. Inclusion Students with identified special education classifications are included in the regular education class. A special education teacher is assigned to the class for all or part of the day to make modifications to the instruction for the special needs students. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Right now we have 21- 25 students per class

18 The Facts About School Meals Today, kids are offered healthy, tasty and appealing choices: Fresh fruits and vegetables Whole grains Vegetarian Menu Salads Pizza with whole wheat crust, low-fat cheese Whole grain pasta Baked items rather than fried Healthful cooking/preparation techniques

19 S CHOOL B REAKFAST I S AVAILABLE DAILY TO ALL STUDENTS FROM 8:20 TO 8:35 Students can choose from many hot and cold entrees, along with fresh fruit/juice and a variety of milk Breakfast cost.80 If your student is eligible for free lunch they also would receive free breakfast. Reduced Breakfast cost.30.

20 S CHOOL L UNCH Two daily meal choices Salad, vegetarian options every day Lunch cost: $1.50 Reduced: $0.40

21 Review the cafeteria menu with your students to help them plan for a balanced meal Join your students for school lunch or school breakfast Communicate any concerns or special diets your students may have Tell us what you think.

22 Meal Benefit Forms Free and reduced price meals are available to those families who are eligible. Meal Benefit Forms are available from the school office.

23 H OW CAN I PAY FOR S CHOOL M EALS ? All students will be assigned a confidential PIN number at the beginning of the school year, which will allow them to access an individual account. The PIN number will remain the same during your student's tenure in Appoquinimink School District.

24 Online Meal Payment: As an Appoquinimink family, you can also pay for student meals from the convenience of your home or office. Using the Parent Account Management System. Your student can bring in a check or cash. Contact Kim Klair with any questions or concerns.

25 P ARENTS We hope that you will be involved in our school community.  PTA and PTA Sponsored events  Classroom Volunteers  Library or Office Volunteers  Book Fair Volunteers  Field Trip Chaperones  SMART Kids Volunteers  Field Day Volunteers  Mentors  School Success Team  School Climate Teams  School Safety Team

26 Family involvement Family involvement in education is closely linked to children’s school successes! PTA President ~ Amy Leahy

27 S ILVER L AKE T RADITIONS Fall Festival Walk-a-thon

28 S ILVER L AKE T RADITIONS Dads Come to School Week

29 S ILVER L AKE T RADITIONS Family Reading and Math Nights One School, One Book





34 B EFORE /A FTER C ARE The Bethesda Child Development center provides before & after care for our SLE students in our cafeteria. 378-8435 Before Care: 6:45 am-8:45am After Care: 3:23 pm-6:00pm The Boys and Girls Club 14 S. Broad Street Before Care: begins at 7:00 am After Care: until 6:30 pm 378-7620

35 Visit our school web site at:

36 We are happy to have you as part of the Silver Lake Elementary family Please feel free to contact us at SLE (378-5023) or via e-mail

37 BEEZER!!!

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